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A Little Help From Their Friends

Trees can't move. They can only stand in one place. But trees have friends that help them move their seeds to good growing locations.

Blowing in the Wind
Some seeds are carried by the wind. Cottonwood seeds can blow many miles. Maple seeds twirl like helicopters in the wind. Some seeds float like little boats. New trees grow along the shore.
Flying Seeds
Some seeds are carried by birds. Birds plant cherry trees when they eat the fruit and drop the seed.

Animal Planters

Squirrels plant trees when they forget where they buried their acorns. Furry animals can carry some sticky plant seeds to new places.

How We Plant Trees
People plant trees on purpose in their yards. Sometimes people plant seeds and don't even know it. Have you ever carried a pine cone to a new place? You may have planted a tree!

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This information is taken from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources Kids for Trees. For more information and activities about trees, check their website.

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