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Bark Basics
There are lots of kinds of bark. Look for the differences. What color is the bark? Is it rough or smooth? Is it thick or thin? Does it have a smell? What other differences can you find?
leaves.gif Looking at Leaves
Leaves have lots of different sizes and shapes. A tiny pine needle is really a leaf. How many pine needles would fit on a maple leaf? Find a leaf and look at it closely. Is it smooth or hairy? Is it shiny or full? Does it have one point or lots of points? Are the points sharp or round? Is it simple or compound? Can you find the veins in your leaf? What other interesting things do you see?

Name That Tree

Learn the name of your leaf. That's the name of the tree. Leaves are the easiest way to tell trees apart.


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This information is taken from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources Kids for Trees. For more information and activities about trees, check their website.

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