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Trees At Work--Just Look!

Trees don't just stand around. They do many jobs that are very important to animals, people, and the environment.

Tree Houses
Some animals spend their entire lives in trees. Birds, squirrels, opossums, raccoons, and insects find shelter from the weather and enemies in trees. They get their food from trees, too. Even dead trees provide shelter and food for many plants, animals and fungi.

What Trees Do for You

  • Many people live in wooden houses.
  • Many products in our houses are made from wood.
  • Every part of the tree can be used to make something including paper, crayons, and medicine.
  • Trees provide jobs for people.
  • Trees give us food.
  • And trees make our world more beautiful.

 Trees at Work Make A Better World. 

    • Trees clean the air we breathe.
    • Tree roots keep soil from washing away which makes streams and lakes cleaner.
    • Trees help cause rain by taking water from the soil and releasing it to the air
    • Trees provide shade in the summer and block cold winds in the winter.



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This information is taken from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources Kids for Trees. For more information and activities about trees, check their website.

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