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Dead and Alive

Even when a tree is dead, it is full of life.

Bugs Love Them
Many kinds of bugs love dead trees. They eat the wood and build their homes in them.

So Do Birds
Some birds love to eat the bugs that live in dead trees. Birds make big holes in dead trees and move right in. Birds that hunt like dead trees. There are no leaves so they have a good view.

Home Sweet Home

When limbs fall on the ground, animals make homes in them.

fish.gif When Fish Live in Trees
When limbs or trees fall in the water, they make homes for fish.

How Old Trees Become New Trees

After dead trees fall down, they become part of the soil. Pretty soon there is no more tree. But there is very good soil for new trees to grow in.


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This information is taken from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources Kids for Trees. For more information and activities about trees, check their website.

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