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The Naturalist's Apprentice: Spider Web Maze


Objective: to understand that not all of the lines of a spider web are sticky.


Materials: multiple copies of "Spider Web Maze."


Comments: In a spider web, the lines that radiate from the center of the web, like the spokes of a wheel, are not sticky. These are the spider's paths around the web. If the spider were to walk on the sticky lines that circle the web, it could get caught in its own web.


Procecure: On the following page, trace the path that the bee can follow along the thinner lines of the web. Find a path from the center of the web to the end of one of the radiating lines that leaves the web.

Spider Web Maze:
The bee has accidentally flown into the spider's web, but it was luck enough to land in the middle where none of the lines are sticky. Help the bee find a way out of the web by following the non-sticky lines, but be careful! It must not step on the sticky lines (those that are bolder) or it will wake the spider, sleeping in its nest.


Answer Below: (hint--follow the gray lines out from the center of the web.


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