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The Naturalist's Apprentice: Robin Crossword Puzzle

by Carolyn Nixon, INHS Office of the Chief



1. A Robin is often called a "______ of spring."

4. The distance between the wingtips of a Robin is known as__________.

6. During fall and winter, a Robin eats a lot of these.

7. Before it can fly, a baby robin lives here.

9. Robins are in a group of birds known as __________.

12. A Robin builds its nest mostly of mud and this.

13. The color of a Robin's bill.

15. Robins are a member of a group of animals known as __________.

16. This part of the Robin is brick red.

17. In Illinois, this part of the Robin usually has white tips.

19. In the fall, Robins tend to fly in this general direction.

20. A Robin usually does this when the weather changes in spring or fall.

21. A Robin uses this to tell other Robins that this is his territory.

22. According to a song, a Robin does this as he moves along.




2. A cousin of the Robin, who prefers to live in hollow trees or wooden boxes.

3. A specialized scale that helps keep Robins warm.

4. An early Robin gets more of these.

5. The face of a Robin has a _________ ring. (two words)

8. Robins are in this genus.

10. A baby Robin hatches out of one of these.

11. The color of 10 down.

14. This Illinois neighbor that has the Robin as its state bird.

15. A good way to give a Robin water is to put it in a bird-_______.

18. On the _______ is a good place to look for Robins.


To the Teacher

All of the clues refer to the American Robin. Some may be answered by reading the "Species Spotlight" in this Survey Reports. For other answers, the students may need to refer to a field guide to North American birds, or a book on bird behavior.


See answers provided below.


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