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Ichthyology is the study of fishes. Fishes are aquatic, cold-blooded animals that have backbones and have fins and gills throughout life. This definition covers a wide variety of species and, consequently, a great diversity of forms and habits. Currently recognized as valid are about 25,000 extant species of fishes divided into 57 orders and 482 families. The number of species of fishes exceeds all other species of vertebrates combined. Although over 97% of the surface water on earth is saltwater, about 41% of all species of fishes live in freshwater. The large number of freshwater fishes is a product of the propensity for populations in freshwater bodies to become isolated, and then to differentiate and, eventually, speciate.

List of Illinois Fishes

Illinois Endangered and Threatened Fishes - Illinois Endangered Species Protection Board


INHS fish-related research and projects are listed in our Annual Reports.

See our Publications Catalog for fish-related material published at INHS.


Some past articles published in INHS Reports:

Largemouth Bass Recruitment and Stocking Strategies. Summer 2001

Physiological Telemetry in Fisheries Research. Spring 2001

Database Management and Analysis of Fisheries in Illinois. Fall 2000

Smallmouth Bass and Artificial Reefs in Lake Michigan. May-June 2000

Effects of Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio), an Exotic Fish, on Aquatic Ecosystems. January-February 2000

Quality Management of Bluegill Population Size Structure. July-August 1999

Species Spotlight: Orangethroat Darter. May-June 1999

The Naturalist's Apprentice: So Many Fishes! How can You Tell Them Apart?. May-June 1999

Development of an Individual-based Model to Evaluate Growth and Survival of Walleye. May-June 1999

INHS Fish Collection. March-April 1999

Development and Application of a Gambusia Bioenergetic Model. January-February 1999

The Round Goby: An Example of the "Perfect" Invader?. November-December 1998

The Bighead Carp (Hypophthalmicthys nobilis) in Reach 26 of the Mississippi River . November-December 1998

Channel Catfish Populations in the Upper Mississippi River System. September-October 1998

Hydroacoustics: A Tool for Understanding Fish-Habitat Associations in Rivers. November-December 1997

Understanding Large-river Fish Communities. September-October 1997

Differences in Food Consumption and Metabolic Rates Between Walleye Stock. July-August 1997

River Levels and Largemouth Bass Populations in the Illinois River. March-April 1997

Predicting Juvenile Fish Abundance from Charactersistics of the Spring Flood. January-February 1997

Critical Factors in the Early Life History of Illinois Fishes. November-December 1996

The Distribution of Aquatic Organisms in the Central Highlands. July-August 1996

Illinois River Fish Communities: 1960s Vs. 1990s. May-June 1996

Effect of Electrofishing on Sunfish. March-April 1996

Identification of Genetic Stocks in Midwest Game Fish. January-February 1996

The Round Goby Invades Lake Michigan. November-December 1995

Factors Affecting Growth of Reservoir Fish. May-June 1995

Small Impoundment Fisheries Research at Ridge Lake Station. March-April 1995


INHS Fish Collection

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