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The Survey's financial position saw no real growth in Fiscal Year 1995. An increase in the personal services appropriations allowed the Survey to maintain the same staffing level as well as provide small merit salary increases. The operating lines, however, were held at the same level as in Fiscal Year 1994. The financial constraints placed on these lines continue to restrict the research activities and services that the Survey would like to provide to the citizens of Illinois. Appropriation levels not only made it impossible to increase programming levels but also made it extremely difficult to maintain current levels. piechart.gif

The table below summarizes the financial profile of the Survey for Fiscal Year 1995. As the table indicates, appropriations in the General Revenue Fund remained the same in all areas except Personal Services. Beginning in Fiscal Year 1996, the Lands Unsuitable for Mining Program will be administered in its entirety by the Department of Natural Resources' Office of Mines and Minerals. The phase-out of this program was begun at the Survey during this past fiscal year. Staff previously funded have been transferred to other centers within the Survey.

Funds for the maintenance of major equipment and for repair and maintenance of buildings and grounds remained the same as in the previous fiscal year. While these funds are minimal, they continue to be of great importance in allowing the Survey to maintain its sophisticated research equipment and provide improvements to our several facilities.

The pie chart shows how the Survey spent its General Revenue Funds in Fiscal Year 1995. As in previous fiscal years, approximately 8% of total appropriations were available for areas aside from personal services. As the costs of research continue to escalate, this recurring level of funding makes it increasingly difficult for the Survey to carry out its legislative mandate and to address the environmental challenges that confront the state.


Financial Statement of the Illinois Natural History Survey, Fiscal Year 1995. Values are given in thousands of dollars.


AccountFY 94
FY 95
General Revenue Fund
Personal Services $2,625.2 $2,698.0 +2.8
Retirement Contributions 145.3 144.9 -0.1
Social security contributions 10.2 10.2 0.0
Contractual services 67.5 67.5 0.0
Maintenance of major equipment 5.0 5.0 0.0
Travel 6.7 6.7 0.0
Commodities 41.5 41.5 0.0
Printing 6.7 6.7 0.0
Equipment 21.2 21.2 0.0
Telecommunications 39.5 39.5 0.0
Operation of auto equipment 36.2 36.2 0.0
Data processing 3.3 3.3 0.0
Repair and maintenance 20.5 20.5 0.0
Total 3,028.8 3,101.2 + 2.4
Lands Unsuitable for Mining Program
Personal services 24.5 9.5 - 61.2
Social security contributions 0.1 0.1 0.0
Group insurance 4.6 2.5 - 45.7
Travel 0.5 1.5 + 300.0
Telecommunications 6.3 3.0 - 52.4
Data processing 1.8 .5 - 72.2
Total 37.8 17.1 - 54.8


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