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Inventory of Resource Rich Areas in Illinois:
An Evaluation of Ecological Resources



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This project was funded by the Office of Realty and Environmental Planning, Division of Energy and Environmental Assessment, Illinois Department of Natural Resources. We thank Bob Lieberman and Tom Heavisides for their sup port and input throughout the project. We thank several of the scientists at the Illinois Natural History Survey, particularly Larry Page, Scott Robinson, John Taft, and Steve Kohler, for their input and advice in the se lection process. Kate Hunter, Will Hinsman, John Bishop, Don McFall, Jean Karnes, Randall Collins, and Anne Mankowski provided invaluable assistance, particularly with the databases used in this project. Sue Post and Michael Jeffords of the Illinois Natural History Survey staff were most generous in sharing their extensive knowledge of the natural resources of the state. Jim Krohe contributed the Introduction and we thank him for providing this over view of the program. Bill Glass, Fran Harty, Michael Jeffords, Bob Lindsay, Randy Nyboer, Larry Page, Todd Strole, and Bob Szafoni reviewed the RRA ma terial and provided valuable comments. We also thank Jean Gray, whose edito rial skills and positive attitude helped to produce this publication.

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