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Steve Taylor, PhD

      Project Steve (I'm #402)

I am a researcher at the Illinois Natural History Survey, a unit of the Prairie Research Institute at the University of Illinois.


Cave and Karst Biology, Conservation & Management

I am a biospeleologist interested primarily in cave & karst biology, conservation and management. My research focuses on a) subterranean ecosystem structure and function; b) human impacts on subterranean ecosystems at a variety of scales from landscape level to site-specific impacts; c) considerations in cave and karst preserve design in relation to cave ecosystems, and d) subterranean biodiversity and knowledge gaps. I also study life history traits, taxonomy (especially pseudoscorpions and Stygobromus amphipods), and distribution of cave and karst organisms.

Active Cave & Karst Research Projects


  • Biodiversity of springtails in caves of Illinois' Salem Plateau (with Felipe Soto-Adames)
  • Review of the Chernetidae (Pseudoscorpiones) from Ozark caves (with Mike Slay)
  • Lehman Caves (Nevada) cave biota in relation to visitation patterns (with Jean Krejca, Mike Slay, Gretchen Baker)
  • Trophic structure and biodiversity of central Texas caves in relation to landscape-level patterns of human impact (with Jean Krejca and Keith Hackley)
  • Distribution and status of the enigmatic cavesnail, Fontigens antroecetes (Hydrobiidae) in Illinois & Missouri (with Marlis Douglas, Jeremy Tiemann, Bob Weck, and Chris Phillips)
  • Cave cricket foraging along a Texas highway right-of-way (with Jean Krejca, Krista McDermid and Stirling Robertson)
  • Growth of Plethadon albagula in cave and spring habitats in central Texas (with Chris Phillips, Jean Krejca, Michael Denight and Michael Dreslik)
  • Comparison of effectiveness of in-cave counts v.s. emergence counts of cave crickets for monitoring cave preserves (with Jean Krejca)
  • Generic reassignment of Microcreagris grandis (Pseudoscorpiones) (with Mark Harvey)
  • Range extension for a terrestrial, troglobitic isopod (with Mike Slay)
  • Cave fauna of the Toledo District of Belize (with Mike Slay, Jean Krejca, and others)

I also have studied Heteroptera and Strepsiptera, and still have a few ongoing projects in these groups. Finally, I'm involved in studies relating to biological resources on military installations, and in bioassessment of aquatic biota in Illinois in relation to Illinois Department of Transportation projects.

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Plumatyla humerosa, a cave milliped on a root

hanging from the roof of a lava tube cave in

northern California.

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