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Phillips Tract

A 52.6 ha (130 acres) former farm. This area can be used for larger manipulative studies. Limited tilled plot space is available. The area contains reconstructed prairie, old field, and agricultural fields, rotating 1 to 5 year old successional old field plots, and oldfield/successional woods (released about 1970). Bush honeysuckle (Lonicera maackii) dominates the understory of most successional woods areas. Two outbuildings with electricity provide limited field lab space and water is available. The Saline Branch of the Salt Fork River runs through the property. A real time stream gauge is located on the site. Located about 4 miles NE of the UIUC campus across the road from Trelease Woods. The property is fenced. Vehicle access to nearly all areas. Agricultural land abuts to three sides with Trelease Woods and Prairie across the road to the east. Acquired in 1968.

Location: The SE 1/4 of section 2, Urbana township, Champaign Co. The SE corner is at 1700 N/1700 E. The 911 address is 1725 N Cottonwood Rd, Urbana. On the west side of Cottonwood Rd. across from Trelease Woods and Prairie.

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