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A 18.2 ha (45 acres) strip of land along the Embarras River in southern Champaign County. The site is about 1100 meters north to south and averages about 200 meters east to west. The Embarras River forms the east and north boundary. This stretch of the river has not been channelized or diked and retains a meandering nature. About 60% of the site is good quality river and stream floodplain/seasonal wetlands. The higher ground is successional woodland. Bush honeysuckle (Lonicera maackii) dominates the understory of most successional woods areas. A system of marked grid posts, at 50 meter intervals, is in place. The site was grazed by cattle and used by a local horse riding club prior to 1970. Located about 18 miles south of the UIUC campus. Vehicle access is limited to the southwest corner of the property. Agricultural land abuts the site on the south and west sides while floodplain and sloped woodlands are east and north of the river. Acquired as a gift in 2000.

Location: The west 1/4 of the SW 1/4 of section 34 and the SW 1/4 of the SW 1/4 of the NE 1/4 [or the land lying on the west side of the center of the Embarras River in the W 1/4] of section 34, Crittenden township, Champaign Co. The SW corner is at 000 N/1500 E Champaign Co. About 1.5 miles NW of the city of Villa Grove. 

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