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Brownfield Woods

A 26.1 ha (64.6 acres) "virgin" deciduous upland forest. Primarily a mature oak, ash, and maple forest with a high, closed canopy and fairly open understory. Sugar maple has rapidly become the dominant tree species. The woods is a remnant of a much larger prairie grove which was present at Euro-American settlement times (ca. 1820). A small creek, fed by runoff and field tiles, runs diagonally through the woods. A system of marked grid posts, at 50 meter intervals, is in place. Located about 4 miles NE of the UIUC campus. Fenced. Vehicle access around the perimeter. Agricultural land abuts the west side and across the road on part of the east side. Houses abut the north boundary and part of the east side. Woods and houses are across the road on the south side and part of the east side. Acquired in 1939.

Location: S 2/3 of E 1/2 of SE 1/4 of Section 34, Somer Township, Champaign County. SE corner is at 1800 N/1600 E or corner of Highcross Rd. and Airport Rd. About 3 miles NE of Urbana.

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