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Avian Ecology

INHS has over a century of data on bird populations in Illinois and beyond. The Ornithology of Illinois Volume 1 by Ridgway and Forbes was published in 1889. 

Stephen A. Forbes and Alfred O. Gross began North America's first systematic bird survey in 1906. This survey was repeated by Richard and Jean Graber in 1950 and by a team of INHS ornithologists from 2006–2008. The results comparing the studies was published in 2011 as Illinois Birds - A Century of Change.


Examples of INHS Avian Ecological Research

  • MOON - Monitoring Of Owls and Nightjars in Illinois
  • Long-term monitoring of prothonotary warblers in southern Illinois
  • Foraging ecology of shorebirds in the Illinois River valley
  • Upland bird monitoring at Lost Mound
  • Site fidelity of grassland birds at northwest Illinois sand prairies
  • Loggerhead shrike habitat use at Lost Mound
  • Geographic patterns of blood parasites in grassland birds 
  • Grassland bird monitoring at Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie
  • Relationships among vegetation, floristics, arthropods and grassland birds
  • Effects of grass height on arthropods and grassland birds
  • Top-down effects of grassland birds on herbivorous insects prairie forbs


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