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Leon C. Hinz, Jr.

img-211151448-0001.jpgMy academic background includes a B.S. in Environmental Science (University of Michigan-Dearborn), and graduate degrees from the University of Michigan’s School of Natural Resources & Environment (M.S. in Aquatic Ecology, Ph.D. in Aquatic Ecology & Management) where I worked with Dr. M.J. Wiley.  My graduate research focused on growth responses of juvenile trout to interactions between thermal characteristics in streams and shifts in macroinvertebrate composition.  I conducted Post-doctoral work with Dr. J.D. Allan (UM) and Dr. P.W. Seelbach (MDNR/USGS) characterizing flow regimes of Great Lakes Tributaries to support management and conservation.  In 2005 I joined INHS to assist with the development of a statewide stream classification of rivers and streams in support of the Illinois Wildlife Action Plan.  Since that time my research has focused on characterizing and assessing the status of physical and biological conditions in Midwestern streams to improve management and conservation decision making for our aquatic resources. 

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Brian Metzke

IDSC024591.JPG received my B.S. and M.S. from Eastern Illinois University where I studied predator-prey relationships in lentic systems.  After working two years as the lead aquatic ecologist for a private environmental consulting firm, I began my tenure with the INHS as a stream ecologist in 2007.  Much of my research has been in support of the goals prioritized in the Illinois Wildlife Action Plan.  Specific research topics have included a physical and biotic characterization of coolwater streams, evaluation of the distribution and abundance of Illinois’ fish Species in Greatest Need of Conservation, surveys of rare fish species and an assessment of the impact of the CREP private lands program to streams.  I recently began a PhD candidate program at UIUC and will be studying multispatial influences to fish community structure.    

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Jodi Vandermyde

Vandermyde_bio_photo.jpgI received my B.S. degree in Zoology at Southern Illinois University Carbondale in spring 2008, and completed my M.S. degree in Zoology in fall 2012. Through my graduate career, I assisted with various research projects examining factors influencing macroinvertebrate assemblages in stream and river ecosystems. My research involved examining macroinvertebrate secondary production before and after removal of riparian woody vegetation at Konza Prairie Biological Station in Kansas to assess effects of conservation and restoration on prairie stream structure and function. In general, my current research interest consists of the ecology of lotic ecosystems with an emphasis on stream biota, and how physical characteristics in these systems influence the distribution and abundance of fish and macroinvertebrates. Overall, my research efforts are aimed at providing scientific support for the Streams Campaign of the Illinois Wildlife Action Plan.

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Bridget Henning

IBHphoto.JPG started as a Postdoctoral Research Associate at INHS in November 2014, where I am working to understand and narrow the gap between science and practice in the Illinois DNR endangered species programs. I work with IDNR staff and clients to understand how they use science, identify gaps in agency knowledge, and communicate outstanding research needs to the scientific community. I am interested in social-ecological systems and the diversity of human connections to their environments.  In general, my research is problem focused and therefore interdisciplinary in nature; I have incorporated aspects of conservation science, cultural anthropology, ecology and economics in my work. In 2014, I completed my doctoral degree in Conservation Biology at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities working with Dr. David Lipset (Cultural Anthropology) and Dr. George Weiblen (Plant Biology). My interdisciplinary research investigated different cultural perspectives of ecosystem services and economic incentives for conservation in Papua New Guinea. I worked to bridge the perspectives of conservationists and parataxonomists at the New Guinea Binatang Research Center and Wanang villagers in the Sogeram River basin. I received my bachelor’s from University of Wisconsin- Madison in Zoology and Biological Aspects of Conservation, where I worked in Dr. Monica Turner’s lab investigating the effects of lakeshore development on bird and frog abundances.  I have also worked as a biological technician for the Bureau of Land management in Montana assessing sage grouse habitat and for the National Park Service in Minnesota conducting wildlife research.

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