Rare Plant Conservation


We have developed a variety of projects on rare plants, ranging from gathering basic monitoring data for demographic studies, to examining host specificity and population genetic structure. Examples of state and/or federally threatened or endangered species that we have conducted work on are Dalea foliosa (leafy prairie clover) and Agalinis auriculata (eared false foxglove). Currently, students in my lab are working on the following rare plants:

In Illinois:

  • Besseya bullii (kittentails; aka Synthris bullii)
  • Minuartia patula (pitcher's stitchwort)

 In Florida:

  • Macbridea alba (white birds-in-a-nest)
  • Scuttelaria floridana (Florida scullcap)
  • Pinguicula ionantha (Panhandle butterwort)

 In Texas:

  • § Sclerocactus brevihamatus ssp. tobuschii  (Tobusch fishhook cactus)

 In Arizona:

  • § Physaria kingii subsp. kaibabensis (Kaibab bladderpod)