-------------------------------------------------  DEDICATIO  ------------------------------------------------
[ page update: 2018-V-16 ]

The first edition of Nomenclatura Oligochaetologica (N.O.) (Reynolds and Cook, 1976) was dedicated
to the following taxonomists and systematists who set the stage for modern day Oligochaetology. 

Frank Evers Beddard (1858–1925) William Blaxland Benham (1860–1950)
 Leo Černosvitov (1902–1945) Luigi Cognetti de Martiis (1878–1931) 
Gustavus Augustus Eisen (1847–1940)  Per-Olof Ljungström (1949–1973) 
 Joseph Josephovich Malevič (1904–1973) Wilhelm Michaelsen (1860–1937) 
 William R. Murchie (1920–1968) Daniele Rosa (1857–1944) 
 Frank Smith (1857–1942) John Stephenson (1871–1933)
Franz Vejdovský (1874–1933)*                                                      * Floruit

We dedicate this second edition of N.O., Nomenclatura Oligochaetologica – Editio Secunda, to the memory of our esteemed colleagues, mentors, and friends who have contributed significantly to our interest, knowledge, and understanding of oligochaetes and other annelids. Their collective and collaborative dedication to Oligochaetology, and willingness to share their discoveries unselfishly with the scientific and lay communities, provides us with the responsibilities of improving and expanding research they have initiated and, most importantly, teaching and advising those who have and will become oligochaetologists and other annelid specialists during our present and future generations.  Names highlighted in blue (above and below) on this page are linked to published biographies and memoria or those that we have compiled, many of which also include bibliographies for their publications.  Memoria and biographies for others listed on this page are currently being prepared and will be available soon.  We welcome additional information for inclusion in these memoria.

Sergĕj Hrabĕ  (1899–1984) Gordon Enoch Gates  (1897–1987)
Grace Pickford  (1902–1986)
Perry C. Holt  (1910–1999)
Victor Pop  (1903–1976) Walter James Harman  (1928–2002)
Clarence James Goodnight  (1914–1987) Brenda Margery Foulds Healy  (1932–2006)
 Antanas Grigelis  (1929–1995) Andreina Di Chiara  (1937–1997)
 C. Overgaard Nielsen  (1918–1999) Nina Leonidovna Sokolskaja  (1918–2009)
 Gilberto Righi  (1937–1999) Tamara L. Poddubnaya (1930–2011)
Charlie D. Drewes  (1946–2005) Jarl K Hiltunen  (1933–2012)
Michael Robert Milligan  (1951–2005) Pavel G. Svetlov
Jacques Juget  (1928–2006) Howard Randall (Randy) Baker  (1955–1983)
Narcis Mršić  (1951–1997)  Wim Didden  (1950–2005)
Olga Vitoldovna Čekanovskaya (1905–1991)  Michael Heck  (1960–1994)
Konstantin Gavrilov (1908–1982) Reginald William Sims  (1926–2012)
Richard P. Howmiller (1939–1976) Richard Lawrence Hoffman (1927–2012) 
Beatrice E. Sambugar (1949–2014)
Otto Graff (1917–2014)
Kristian Fauchald (1935–2015) András Zisci (1928–2015)