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Introduction. Wetzel (1992) published the first comprehensive review of aquatic Annelida in Illinois, including 130 species representing 71 genera in 15 families. The list below has been modified to: a) include species identified from the state since publication of that review; b) reflect recent nomenclatural and systematic changes; and c) correct several actual date-of-publication errors that had been perpetuated in past literature. Recent works discussing the phylogeny of aquatic Annelida have been included in the section on classification. References to publications noted in the text of this document are included in the 'Literature Cited and Selected References' section, which follows the checklist of species.


Phylogeny and Classification of Aquatic Annelida. The first global compendium on aquatic oligochaetes was published by Brinkhurst and Jamieson (1971). The section in that book discussing the phylogeny and classification of aquatic oligochaetes set the stage for numerous investigations into the phylogenetic relationships of all annelids. Most noteable are: Jamieson (1978, 1980, 1988), Timm (1981), Brinkhurst (1982, 1986, 1988, 1989, 1991a, 1991b, 1991c, 1992, 1994, 1999), Kasprzak (1982, 1984), Kathman and Brinkhurst (1998), Parker (1982), Holt (1986, 1989), Erséus (1987, 1990), Sawyer (1986a, 1986b, 1986c), Brinkhurst and Nemec (1987), Coates (1987, 1989), Nemec and Brinkhurst (1987), Brinkhurst and Gelder (1989), Gelder and Brinkhurst (1990), Purschke et al. (1993), Sima (1993), Sidall and Burreson (1995, 1996, 1998), Bartolomaeus (1997), Trapido-Rosenthal (1997), Omodeo (1998, 2000), Sidall et al. (1998), McHugh (1999, 2000), Purschke (1999), Westheide et al. (1999), Martin et al. (2000) [plus more recent publications to be added here soon]. This paper follows the division of the phylum Annelida into two classes: the Polychaeta and the Clitellata (including the Acanthobdellae, Branchiobdellae, Oligochaeta, and Hirudinida). Nomenclature follows Reynolds and Cook (1976, 1981, 1989, 1993) and Reynolds and Wetzel (2010, in prep.) for the Oligochaeta; Klemm (1985) for Acanthobdellida and Polychaeta; Klemm (1985), Sawyer (1986a,1986b, 1986c), Barta and Sawyer (1990), and Jones and Woo (1990) for Hirudinida; and Holt (1986), Holt and Opell (1993), Gelder (1996), Gelder et al. (2002), and Govedich et al. (2010) for Branchiobdellida.


You are encouraged to visit the following websites:
Classification and Checklist of the freshwater Oligochaeta occurring in North America north of Mexico,
Classification and checklist of the leeches occurring in North America north of Mexico.

Checklist of aquatic Annelida occurring in Illinois. Species preceded by a single asterisk (*) were reported by Wetzel (1992) as new records for the state of Illinois. Species preceded by two asterisks (**) indicate new records for the state (published and unpublished) since 1992. Illinois species collected only from inshore Lake Michigan habitats are preceded by a 'plus' sign (+).



P H Y L U M - A N N E L I D A

 Order Aeolosomatida


 Genus Aeolosoma Ehrenberg, 1828

Aeolosoma hemprichi Ehrenberg, 1828

Aeolosoma tenebrarum Vejdovský, 1880

Aeolosoma variegatum Vejdovský, 1884




 Order Branchiobdellida


 Genus Bdellodrilus Moore, 1895

Bdellodrilus illuminatus (Moore, 1894)


 Genus Cambarincola Ellis, 1912

Cambarincola chirocephalus Ellis, 1919

**Cambarincola illinoisensis Holt, 1982

Cambarincola macrodontus Ellis, 1912

Cambarincola philadelphicus (Leidy, 1851)

Cambarincola vitreus Ellis, 1919

Genus Oedipodrilus Holt, 1967

Oedipodrilus macbaini (Holt, 1955)

Genus Pterodrilus Moore, 1895

Pterodrilus distichus Moore, 1895

Genus Sathodrilus Holt, 1968

Sathodrilus elevatus (Goodnight, 1940)


 Genus Xironodrilus Ellis, 1919

Note: This genus was listed under the family Branchiobdellidae in Wetzel (1992); 
it subsequently has been placed in its own family (refer to Gelder [1996]).

Xironodrilus formosus Ellis, 1919



Order Lumbriculida


Genus Eclipidrilus Eisen, 1881

Eclipidrilus asymmetricus (Smith, 1896)

Genus Lumbriculus Grube, 1844

Lumbriculus variegatus (Müller, 1774)

Genus Stylodrilus Claparède, 1862

+Stylodrilus heringianus Claparède 1862

Genus Trichodrilus Claparède, 1862

Trichodrilus allobrogum Claparède, 1862



Order Haplotaxida


Genus Haplotaxis Hoffmeister, 1843

Haplotaxis ? gordioides (Hartmann, 1821)
(?= Haplotaxis emissarius [Forbes, 1890]; ?= Haplotaxis forbesi Smith, 1918)



Order Enchytraeida


Genus Barbidrilus Loden & Locy, 1980

Barbidrilus paucisetus Loden & Locy, 1980

Genus Lumbricillus Ørsted, 1844

Lumbricillus rivalis (Levinsen, 1883)

augmented Ditlevsen, 1904

Genus Marionina Pfeffer, 1890

Marionina forbesae Smith & Welch, 1913 ?incertae sedis

Genus Henlea Michaelsen, 1899

Henlea urbanensis Welch, 1914



Order Tubificida

Subfamily Naidinae Ehrenberg, 1828

Genus Allonais Sperber, 1948

**Allonais inaequalis (Stephenson, 1911) [initially misidentified as A. paraguayensis]; see Kathman and Wetzel (2003).

Allonais pectinata (Stephenson, 1910)

Genus Amphichaeta Tauber, 1879

*Amphichaeta leydigi Tauber, 1879

Genus Bratislavia Košel, 1976

Bratislavia unidentata (Harman, 1973)

Genus Chaetogaster von Baer, 1827

Chaetogaster diaphanus (Gruithuisen, 1828)

Chaetogaster diastrophus (Gruithuisen, 1828)

Chaetogaster limnaei von Baer, 1827

Genus Dero Oken, 1915

Dero (Aulophorusfurcata (Müller, 1773)

Dero (Aulophorusvaga (Leidy, 1880)

Dero (Derodigitata (Müller, 1773)

**Dero (Derolodeni Brinkhurst 1986
- - Note: [= Dero (Aulophorusintermedius Loden and Harman, 1982, Freshwat. Invert. Biol. 1(1): 53; nom. nov pro: Aulophorus pectinatusStephenson, 1931 nec Dero pectinatus Aiyer, 1929, vide Reynolds and Cook, 1976 - p. 153; et nec Dero intermedia Cragin, 1887, vide Reynolds and Cook, 1976 - p. 118; thus an unavailable name according to Harman in litt. 23 Sep. 1983]; the nomenclatural status of this species, as Dero lodeni, was resolved by Brinkhurst (1986, p. 253).

Dero (Deronivea Aiyer, 1930

Dero (Deroobtusa d'Udekem, 1835

*Dero (Deropectinata Aiyer, 1930

*Dero (Derotrifida Loden, 1979

Genus Haemonais Bretscher, 1900

*Haemonais waldvogeli Bretscher, 1900

Genus Nais Müller, 1773

Nais barbata Müller, 1773

Nais behningi Michaelsen, 1923

Nais communis Piguet, 1906

Nais elinguis Müller, 1773

Nais pardalis Piguet, 1906

Nais pseudobtusa Piguet, 1906

Nais simplex Piguet, 1906

Nais variabilis Piguet, 1906

Genus Ophidonais Gervais, 1838

Ophidonais serpentina (Müller, 1773)

Genus Paranais Czerniavsky, 1880

Paranais frici Hrab?, 1941

Genus Piguetiella Sperber, 1939

+Piguetiella michiganensis Hiltunen, 1967

Genus Slavina Vejdovský, 1883

Slavina appendiculata (d'Udekem, 1855)

Genus Specaria Sperber, 1939

Specaria josinae (Vejdovský, 1883)

Genus Stephensoniana ?ernosvitov, 1938

Stephensoniana trivandrana (Aiyer, 1926)

Genus Stylaria Lamarck, 1816

Stylaria lacustris (Linnaeus, 1767) 
Stylaria fossularis Leidy, 1852)

Genus Uncinais Levinson, 1884

+Uncinais uncinata (Ørsted, 1842)

Genus Vejdovskyella Michaelsen, 1903

Vejdovskyella intermedia (Bretscher, 1896)


Subfamily Pristininae Lasto?kin, 1921

Genus Pristina Ehrenberg, 1828

Pristina acuminata Liang, 1958

*Pristina aequiseta Bourne, 1891
(= Pristina evelinae Marcus, 1943, = Pristina foreli Piguet, 1906)

Pristina breviseta Bourne, 1891

*Pristina jenkinae (Stephenson, 1931)
(= Pristina idrensis Sperber, 1948)

Pristina leidyi Smith, 1896

**Pristina longidentata Harman, 1965

Pristina osborni (Walton, 1906)

Pristina plumaseta Turner, 1935

*Pristina sima (Marcus, 1944)

Pristina synclites Stephenson, 1925

>>> Please Note: The genus Pristinella, established by Brinkhurst (1985), was suppressed by Collado and Schmelz (2000) based upon their description of two new species in the genus Pristina, and their reassessment of the morphology of Pristina and Pristinella species.



[FAMILY TUBIFICIDAE] - suppressed; see Erséus et al. 2008 (citation in Literature Cited section, below).

Subfamily Tubificinae Vejdovský, 1876

Genus Aulodrilus Bretscher, 1899

Aulodrilus americanus Brinkhurst & Cook, 1966

Aulodrilus limnobius Bretscher, 1899

Aulodrilus pigueti Kowalewski, 1914

Aulodrilus pluriseta (Piguet, 1906)

Genus Ilyodrilus Eisen, 1879

Ilyodrilus templetoni (Southern, 1909)

Genus Isochaetides Hrab?, 1966; emmend. Brinkhurst, 1981

 +Isochaetides curvisetosus (Brinkhurst & Cook, 1966)

+Isochaetides freyi (Brinkhurst, 1965)

Genus Limnodrilus Claparède, 1862

Limnodrilus cervix Brinkhurst, 1963

Limnodrilus claparedianus Ratzel, 1868

Limnodrilus hoffmeisteri Claparède, 1862

Limnodrilus maumeensis Brinkhurst & Cook, 1966

Limnodrilus profundicola (Verrill, 1871)

Limnodrilus rubripenis Loden, 1977

Limnodrilus tortilipenis Wetzel, 1987

Limnodrilus udekemianus Claparède, 1862

Genus Potamothrix Vejdovský & Mrázek, 1902

Potamothrix bavaricus (Oschmann, 1913)

+Potamothrix bedoti (Piguet, 1913)

Potamothrix moldaviensis Vejdovský & Mrázek, 1902

Potamothrix vejdovskyi (Hrab?, 1941)

Genus Psammoryctides Hrab?, 1964

Psammoryctides californianus Brinkhurst, 1965

Genus Quistadrilus Brinkhurst, 1981

Quistadrilus multisetosus (Smith, 1900)

Genus Rhizodrilus Smith, 1900

Rhizodrilus lacteus Smith, 1900

Genus Spirosperma Eisen, 1879

Spirosperma ferox Eisen, 1879

+Spirosperma nikolskyi (Lasto?kin & Sokolskaya, 1935) 
(= Spirosperma variegatus Leidy, 1851 sensu Brinkhurst, 1962)

Genus Tasserkidrilus Holmquist, 1985

Tasserkidrilus kessleri (Hrab?, 1962)

Tasserkidrilus superiorensis (Brinkhurst & Cook, 1966) - considered to be restricted to the Great Lakes, but collected [by MJW, 16 April 2008] from a small, polluted stream in Marion Co., Illinois.

Genus Tubifex Lamarck, 1816

+Tubifex ignotus (Štolc, 1886)

Tubifex tubifex (Müller, 1774)

Genus Varichaetadrilus Brinkhurst & Kathman, 1983

Varichaetadrilus angustipenis (Brinkhurst & Cook, 1966)

Notes on V. angustipenis - A Nearctic species, V. angustipenis originally was described as Limnodrilus angustipenis from material collected by J. K. Hiltunen from Saginaw Bay, Lake Huron; it was assigned to the genus Varichaetadrilus by R. O. Brinkhurst in 1989. This rarely collected species presently is known to occur in Alabama, Illinois, Louisiana, Manitoba, Michigan, North Carolina, New Brunswick, New Jersey, Ohio, Ontario, and Tennessee (Coates and Wetzel, manuscript in prep.); many of these distributional records, however, are from one or two collections, primarily oligotrophic lakes. During a continuing faunal survey of springs in southern Illinois (1990-), I have collected V. angustipenis from nine of 17 springs and their associated springruns (Webb et al. 1995; Webb et al. 1996, 1998b). Recently, I identified specimens from five springs in Texas [manuscript in prep.], from additional springs in western Illinois (Webb et al. 1998a), from caves in Illinois and Missouri [INHS Annelida Collection records; Wetzel and Taylor (2001)], and from several other streams in Illinois (many with groundwater influence). With the exception of seven stream sites in southern Illinois (Wetzel 1982a), extensive collecting and identification of aquatic oligochaetes throughout North America have revealed few specimens of this taxon.


Subfamily Rhyacodrilinae Hrab?, 1963

Genus Bothrioneurum Štolc, 1888

Bothrioneurum vejdovskyanum Štolc, 1888

Genus Branchiura Beddard, 1892

Branchiura sowerbyi Beddard, 1892

Genus Rhyacodrilus Bretscher, 1901

Rhyacodrilus coccineus (Vejdovský, 1875)

*Rhyacodrilus falciformis Bretscher, 1901

Rhyacodrilus montanus (Brinkhurst, 1965)

**Rhyacodrilus cf. sodalis (Eisen, 1879)

**Rhyacodrilus subterraneus Hrab?, 1963





Superfamily Lumbricoidea


Genus Eisenia Malm, 1877

Eisenia foetida Savigny, 1826

Genus Eiseniella Michaelsen, 1900

Eiseniella tetraedra (Savigny, 1826)


Superfamily Megascolecoidea


Genus Sparganophilus Benham, 1892

Sparganophilus eiseni Smith, 1895


Note: Please visit this current website highlighting the earthworms present in Illinois.



Order Rhynchobdellida


Note: several nomenclatural changes to taxa listed below have occurred; corrections will soon be made to the list, below. 
A current list of valid species and nomenclature is provided on the following website: 
Classification and checklist of the leeches occurring in North America north of Mexico.


Genus Actinobdella Moore, 1901

Actinobdella inequiannulata Moore, 1901

Genus Alboglossiphonia Luken, 1976

Alboglossiphonia heteroclita (Linnaeus, 1761)

Genus Desserobdella Barta & Sawyer, 1990

Desserobdella phalera (Graf, 1899)

Desserobdella picta (Verrill, 1872)

Genus Gloiobdella Ringuelet, 1978

Gloiobdella elongata (Castle, 1900)

Genus Glossiphonia Johnson, 1816

Glossiphonia complanata (Linnaeus, 1758)

Genus Helobdella R. Blanchard, 1896

Helobdella fusca (Castle, 1900)

Helobdella papillata (Moore, 1906)

Helobdella stagnalis (Linnaeus, 1758)

Helobdella triserialis (E. Blanchard, 1849)

Genus Placobdella R. Blanchard, 1893

Placobdella montifera Moore, 1906

Placobdella multilineata Moore, 1953

Placobdella ornata (Verrill, 1872)

Placobdella papillifera (Verrill, 1872)

Placobdella parasitica (Say, 1824)

Placobdella pediculata Hemingway, 1908

Genus Theromyzon Phillippi, 1867

Theromyzon biannulatum Klemm, 1977


 Genus Cystobranchus Diesing, 1859

Cystobranchus verrilli Meyer, 1940

Genus Myzobdella Leidy, 1851

Myzobdella lugubris Leidy, 1851

Genus Piscicola de Blainville, 1818

Piscicola milneri (Verrill, 1874)

Piscicola punctata (Verrill, 1871)

Genus Piscicolaria Whitman, 1889

Piscicolaria reducta Meyer, 1940


Order Arhynchobdellida


Genus Haemopis Savigny, 1822

Haemopis marmorata (Say, 1824)

Haemopis terrestris (Forbes, 1890)


Genus Macrobdella Verrill, 1872

Macrobdella decora (Say, 1824)

Genus Philobdella Verrill, 1874

Philobdella gracilis Moore, 1901


Genus Dina R. Blanchard, 1892

Dina dubia Moore & Meyer, 1951

Dina parva Moore, 1912

Genus Erpobdella de Blainville, 1818

Erpobdella punctata punctata (Leidy, 1870)

Genus Mooreobdella Pawlowski, 1955

Mooreobdella fervida Verrill, 1871

Mooreobdella microstoma (Moore, 1901)

Genus Nephelopsis Verrill, 1872

Nephelopsis obscura Verrill, 1872





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