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  • My homepage was started in March 1996. It contains a resume as well as examples of work with which I am involved.


  • The Tallgrass Prairie in Illinois.


  • Robertson, K. R. and J. Tate, programming by J. Crowder. A directory of Illinois Systematists, Ecologists, and Field Biologists. Third edition.


  • An article entitled "50 Years of Change in Illinois Hill Prairies" was originally published in Erigenia: Journal of the Illinois Native Plant Society. To make this article more widely available, I have converted it to html and placed it on a server.


  • Some of my research involved the Rosaceae, Rose Family, and I prepared an introduction to this family to use in the Plant Systematics class at the University of Illinois


  • An annotated list of woody plant native to or naturalized in Illinois has been placed on the web; this table was originally published in Erigenia.


  • People often ask what species were typically found in blacksoil prairies in Illinois. To help with this, I have placed on the web a list of species of vascular plants found in three Central Illinois prairie remnants.


  • A similar list has been placed on the web for Revis Hill Prairie Nature Preserve in Mason County.


  • Field work was conduced in 1994 at Site M in Cass County, Illinois, and the list of vascular plants that was complied has been placed on a web site.


  • Several documents from the Corridors for Tomorrow project have been placed on web pages: (1) prairie plants, (2) shrubs, and (3) trees.


  • List of plant species at the Savanna Army Depot, in Carroll and Jo Daviess counties, Illinois.


  • I am in charge of the Newsletter for the American Society of Plant Taxonomists. The "Current News" is maintained on a web site at the Illinois Natural History Survey, but is most often accessed through the Society's homepage.



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