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The Tallgrass Prairie in Illinois

Images of Prairie Plants — Genera Beginning with the Letter "H"


  • Habenaria leucophaea or Platanthera leucophaea (prairie white fringed orchid) [Orchidaceae, Orchid Family] — listed as ENDANGERED in Illinois and THREATENED in the United States


  • Helenium autumnale (yellow or common sneezeweed)


  • Helianthus angustifolius (narrow-leaved or swamp sunflower) [Asteraceae or Compositae, Sunflower Family] — This is not a prairie plant, but these photos illustrate the general structure of flower heads in sunflowers.


  • Helianthus grosseserratus (sawtooth sunflower) [Asteraceae or Compositae, Sunflower Family]


  • Helianthus mollis (downy or ashy sunflower) [Asteraceae or Compositae, Sunflower Family]


  • Helianthus occidentalis (western or fewleaf sunflower) [Asteraceae or Compositae, Sunflower Family]


  • Heliopsis helianthoides (false sunflower or smooth oxeye) [Asteraceae or Compositae, Sunflower Family]


  • Hemerocallis fulva (orange daylily) — [Liliaceae, Lily Family] NOT native and a troublesome invaseive species in Illinois prairies


  • Heterotheca camporum or Chrysopsis (golden aster or yemon yellow false goldenaster) [Asteraceae or Compositae, Sunflower Family]


  • Hierochloë odorata (sweet or vanilla grass) [Poaceae or Gramineae, Grass Family]


  • Hudsonia tomentosa (false heather or woolly beachheather) [Cistaceae, Rockrose Family]


  • Hymenoxys acaulis or Tetrameuris herbacea (lakeside daisy or eastern fournerved daisy) [Asteraceae or Compositae, Sunflower Family]


  • Hypoxis hirsuta or (yellow star grass or goldstar) [Liliaceae, Lily Family or Amaryllidaceae, Amaryllis Family]



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