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The Tallgrass Prairie in Illinois

Images of Prairie Plants — Genera Beginning with the Letter "F"


  • Filipendula rubra (Queen-of-the-prairie) [Rosaceae, Rose Family] — in spite of the common name, this is not a typical prairie plant in Illinois 


  • Fragaria vesca subspecies americana (woodland strawberry) [Rosaceae, Rose Family] — not a prairie species and found mostly in cool, moist woodlands; not common in Illinois. The species Fragaria vesca is widespread in the northern hemisphere.
    • habit of plant with fruit; Fall Creek Gorge, Canyon, Adams County, Illinois 
    • plant with fruit growing on a mountain on the island of Madeira, which is in the Atlantic Ocean about 300 miles west of Morocco.


  • Fragaria virginiana (wild or Virginia strawberry) [Rosaceae, Rose Family]


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