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1977. Fruits and seeds of the Rosaceae of the eastern United States. University of Illinois Research Board. $7,786.

1983 – 1984, Monograph of the neotropical fern genus Polybotrya. National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant. Submitted on behalf of Robbin C. Moran. $8,433.

1984 – 1988, Generic limits and evolution in subfamily Maloideae (Rosaceae). National Science Foundation. $180,000. (With J. B. Phipps.)

1989 – 1990, Investigations of Chamaemeles coriacea, a potentially globally endangered plant. University of Illinois Campus Research Board. $3,000.

1990 – 1992, Corridors for tomorrow. A proposal to use highway corridors to restore biodiversity in Illinois. The Environmental Protection Trust Fund Commission and the Illinois Department of Energy and Natural Resources. $44,500 for FY91; $30,000 for FY1992. (With A. Endress and L. Iverson.) 1992 – 1993, Status of three plant species in Illinois: glade mallow (Napaea dioica), pale false foxglove (Agalinis skinneriana), and Wolf«s Spike rush (Eleocharis wolfii). (With L. R. Phillippe.) Illinois Endangered Species Protection Board. $9,500.

1992 – 1993, Changes to Hill Prairies of Illinois in the last 50 years. Critical Trends program, Illinois Department of Energy and Natural Resources. (With Mark Schwartz.) $12,000.

1993 – 1994, Status of two plant species in Illinois: Talinum rugospermum and Scirpus hallii. (With L. R. Phillippe.) Illinois Endangered Species Protection Board. $8,000.

1994, Plant inventory of Site M. Illinois Department of Conservation. (With L. R. Phillippe and J. Levin) $5,000.

1994 – 1995, Digital flowers for students. University of Illinois Educational Technologies Board. (with Stephen R. Downie) $5,980.

1994 – 1995, Travel supplement for trip to Brazil with International Agriculture Students Association. MUCIA Travel Fund for International Program Development. $500.

1996 – 1997 Illinois hill prairie assessment and restoration strategies. National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. (with Kathryn Kramer) $7,400. (submitted)

1996 – 1997 Delineation of Natural Communities of the Savanna Army Depot, Carroll and Jo Daviess Counties, Illinois. (with L. R. Phillippe, G. A. Levin and K. A. Kramer) $18,000.

1996 – 1997, Digital flowers for students-Part 2. University of Illinois Educational Technologies Board. (with Stephen R. Downie) $5,993.

1997 – 1999 Subgeneric Classification of the Genus Amaranthus (Amaranthaceae), with Special Reference to Taxa Occurring in North America and Eastern Europe. (with S. R. Mosyakin) U.S. Civilian Research and Development Foundation for the Independent States of the Former Soviet Union. $33,440. (submitted)

1996 – 1999, Inventory of the terrestrial arthropods and vascular plants of the montane, steppe, and semi-desert grasslands of the Kyrgyz Republic. National Science Foundation (submitted by C. H. Dietrich, K. R. Robertson a collaborator). $297,739.

2002– 2004, Illinois-North Carolina Collaborative Environment for Botanical Resource Development: A Knowledge-based Digital Library of Scientific Investigation Processes. Institute of Museum and Library Services. (Bryan Heidorn, PI; K. R. Robertson, M. R. Jeffords, B. Sandore, D. S. Seigler, Co-PIs. ) $250,000 2 years.

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