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Turtle Crossword Puzzle


Carolyn Nixon


Names of Illinois turtles and turtle facts are used in the crossword below. A list of the turtles that can be

found in Illinois will help answer the clues. You might consult the book Field Guide to Amphibians and

Reptiles of Illinois, published by the Illinois Natural History Survey.


4. Name for the upper part of a turtle shell.

7. _______________ turtle is named for a person, and really isn’t all that dull and boring.

10. The ________________ turtle was not designed by artists, but looks like it could have been.

12. Name for the bottom side of a turtle shell.

14. When turtles sit on a log on a sunny day they are ________________.

15. From its name, you might think that this turtle spent time on a playground, or that it was a baseball pitch that curves at the last second.


1. The large scales on a turtle shell are called _______________.

2. The Ouachita, Common, and False ____________ turtles shouldn’t get lost on the trail.

3. The ___________ turtle has yellow dots all over it.

5. This turtle, which is related to 8 down, is not related to crocodiles.

6. The spiny and smooth ______________ turtles have a leathery shell.

7. The ornate and eastern ___________ turtles can close up their shells and hide.

8. The ______________ turtle can give you a good bite.

9. The ____________ turtle has a strong odor.

11. The _____________ cooter lives in backwaters of large streams.

13 The yellow and eastern __________ turtles live in wet areas, where your feet could get a lot of sticky, wet soil on them.

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