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Below is a list of just a few of the eminent authors of Illinois Natural History Survey publications from the past.  See if you can find their LAST names in the word search.  The names may be forwards, backwards, upright, upside-down, or diagonal.  If the same last name appears more than once on the list, it will appear more than once in the word search.

James Sterling Ayars

Frank C. Baker

Frank C. Bellrose

George William Bennett

J.H. Bigger

Gideon H. Boewe

John K. Bouseman

Willis N. Bruce

B.D. Burks

J. Cedric Carter

Stewart C. Chandler

William F. Childers

Charles C. Compton

D.B. Creager

J.E. Davis

Jonathan J. Davis

George Clemens Decker

Dwight Moore DeLong

William R. Edwards

Jack A. Ellis



Lester Lamar English

Robert A. Evers

Milton Dyer Farrar

W.P. Flint

Stephen Alfred Forbes

J.L. Forsberg

Theodore H. Frison

Norman Gannon

Leonora K. Gloyd

Jean W. Graber

Richard R. Graber

Donald Frary Hansen

Harold C. Hanson

William R. Hanson

Charles A Hart

William P. Hayes

Robert C. Hiltibran

Wayne L. Howe

Elbert R. Joycox

G. Blair Joselyn

Charles A. Kofoid

Marcos Kogan

John Paul Kramer

Ronald F. Labisky

Rexford D. Lord, Jr.

John Russell Malloch

Harlow Burgess Mills

Carl Otto Mohr

Daniel Neely

Howard Bliss Petty

Herbert Holdsworth Ross

Milton W.S. Sanderson

Thomas G. Scott

Ralph E. Sechriest

Victor Ernest Shelford

L.H. Shropshire

Frank Smith

Philip W. Smith

William C. Starrett

Leo R. Tehon

David H. Thompson

John D. Unzicker

Bobbie J. Verts

Lee E. Yeager

Ralph E. Yeatter

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