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  2. a host fish for northern riffleshell larvae

  4. the soft tissue covering the body of the mussel

  6. aperture used to excrete waste

  9. with 5 down, scientific name of the northern riffleshell

10. aperture used to bring water and nutrients into the mussel

13. an exotic species that covers native mussel species


  1. larval stage of freshwater mussel lifecycle

  3. brood pouch in female mussel

  4. scientist that studies mussels

  5. with 9 across, scientific name of the northern riffleshell

  6. term for a species that is locally extinct

  7. the oldest portion of the mussel shell, also called a beak

  8. shallow, oxygen rich habitat in streams

11. small floating organisms eaten by mussels

12. organic debris from decaying organisms



Answers (highlight below)


2. Sculpin

4. Mantle

6. Excurrent

9. Epioblasma

10. Incurrent

13. Zebra mussel


1. Glochidia

3. Marsupium

4. Malacologist

5. Rangiana

6. Extirpated

7. Umbo

8. Riffle

11. Plankton

12. Detritus

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