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Hellbender Crossword Puzzle by Carolyn Nixon





1.  Hellbenders are a type of this animal group.  It also includes frogs and toads.  The word means an animal that can live both in water and on land.


5.  Hellbenders are members of #1 across that are long and slender, and have tails and legs as adults.


6.  Young hellbenders are called __________.


7.  Young hellbenders breathe with these organs, but lose them before they become adults.


8.  Areas of streams where water churns and splashes as it flows over rocks are called ____________. 
Hellbenders often live in streams that have this type of habitat.


11.  Adult hellbenders breathe through this soft, slimy, wrinkled body covering.


15.  Hellbenders only live in streams that have a lot of this important air component dissolved in them.


16.  Fine sediment that is deposited on the bottom of a stream and often covering up the rocks is called ___________.  Streams that have a lot of it no longer have hellbenders.


17.  The flowing movements of water in a stream are ___________.  Hellbenders need streams with fast ones.


18.  Hellbenders sometimes eat the small examples of these swimming animals that have scales and spines. 






1.  _________ animals live in water.  Hellbenders are this for their entire lives.


2.  Cryptobranchus __________________.


3.  These lobsterlike animals are the main food of hellbenders.


4.  A hellbender will often eat one of these long, slender, soft animals.  Some anglers will put one on a hook and use them as bait to catch #18 across.


9.  Large streams, where hellbenders often live, are called ______________.


10.  The main color of a hellbender is _____________.


12.  The preferred habitat of the hellbender is ________________-fed streams.


13.  These organs, used for sight, are very small on hellbenders.


14.  Hellbenders sometimes eat these mollusks that have coiled shells.

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