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Hawk Crossword Puzzle

Carolyn Nixon


See if you can complete the crossword puzzle using the clues below.  If you need some help, read the “Species Spotlight” on the Cooper’s Hawk, and search in a field guide to birds of either North America or Illinois.



  2.  The scientific name for Cooper’s Hawk is ________________ cooperii

  4.  The Peregrine _______________ is the fastest animal in the world.

  5.  These are the favorite food of Cooper’s Hawks.

  8.  The tail of a Cooper’s Hawk acts as a ___________, allowing it to zig-zag through the forest at fast speeds.

  9.  Cooper’s Hawks often wait at bird __________________ to catch their prey around town.

12.  The American __________________ is Illinois’ smallest hawk.

15.  The _______________-______________ Hawk looks very similar to the Cooper’s Hawk, but is smaller.

16.  The __________-winged Hawk, a relative of 6-Down, lives in forests.



  1.  Hawks belong to this bird family.

  3.  The _____-shouldered Hawk is a relative of 6-Down and 16-Across, and prefers to live in wet areas, such as swamps and bottomland forests.  It is listed as State Threatened.

  6.  The scientific name of the Red-tailed Hawk is _______________ jamaicensis.

  7.  This large hawk is the symbol of the United States of America.

10.  A close relative of 12 Across, but slightly larger, it does not nest in Illinois, but does migrate through it.

11.  This hawk has long, slender wings, and is found near water.  It is State Endangered.

13.  The only food of 11-Down.

14.  The name for the long, sharp claws of hawks.



• State Threatened—Any breeding species which is likely to become a state endangered species in the foreseeable future in Illinois.

• State Endangered—Any species which is in danger of extinction as a breeding species in Illinois.

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