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Each issue of INHS Reports contains a species spotlight and a naturalist's apprentice. 


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What's in a Wetland?

Passenger Pigeon Colors

Illinois Woodpeckers

Robin Crossword Puzzle

Pelican Math

Black Vulture Word Search

Animal Homes Made by Humans

Dissect an Owl Pellet

Hawk Crossword Puzzle

Color a Meadowlark

Color a Bird Paper Model 



Traps and Snares

Prolific Pollinators

Flower Forms

Big Trees!

Floating Flora and Fauna

What Tree is That?

Living on the Edge

Dyeing With Plants

Making Leaf Prints

Trees in Winter

Poison Ivy Look-alikes

Practical Uses of Native Illinois Plants

Parasitic Plants and Animals Crossword

Make an Oak Tree Collection

Draw the Mystery Picture

The Anatomy of a Plant

The Acrostic Poem



Human's Aren't the Only Architects

So Many Fishes! How Can You Tell Them Apart?

Ahead of Them All



Frog Metamorphosis

Adaptations for Life Underground

Hellbender Crossword Puzzle

Mimic Frog Calls




 Turtle Crossword Puzzle

Be a Herpetologist



Illinois Mammal Facts

Going Around in Circles

What's a Beaver to Do?

Stream Habitats Leaf Packs and Surface Film

Build a House for Bats

Shrew Mathematics

Coyote Word Search

Animals Make Scents - The Pheromone Game

Draw a Least Weasel

Natural History Survey Scientist Word Search

Where Do Minks Fit in the Family Tree of Carnivores?

How to Help Bats



 Mussel Crossword



Make a Mushroom Spore Print


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