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The Great Lakes

  • provide 30 million people drinking water
  • connect to the Atlantic Ocean by the St Lawrence Seaway
  • connect to the Gulf of Mexico by the Illinois River to Mississippi River
  • $34 billion shipping industry to and from the states surrounding the Great Lakes
  • support 1.5 million jobs
    • fisheries
    • boating
    • recreational industries


Lake Michigan, and the Great Lakes in general, face many threats, including:

What's being done?

The Illinois Coastal Management Program is working to prevent the spread of exotic invasive species, restore coastal habitats, promote sustainable economic development, and increase public access and recreation.

The Illinois Natural History Survey Lake Michigan Biological Station conducts research on the fisheries and ecosystems of the Great Lakes.

In partnership with Sea Grant, their aquatic invasive species outreach staff promote two campaigns to help prevent the spread of exotic invasive species:


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For more information read "Illinois Beach State Park and North Point Marina: Including the Dead River and Kellogg Creek Watersheds."