location.jpgIllinois Beach State Park, located in the northeast corner of Illinois along the Lake Michigan shoreline is a 4,160-acre park with two separate units.


The North Unit contains 1,925 acres with 2.5 miles of shoreline. It provides lakeshore access, picnicking, trails, swimming, and a small fishing lake. North Point Marina, a 1,500-slip full-service marina and boat launch, is located at the far north end.

The South Unit contains 2,235 acres with 3.5 miles of shoreline. It provides camping, a full-service lodge, lakeshore access, trails, picnicking, swimming, and access to a 1,100-acre nature preserve.


Additional information is available at two South Unit locations—the Park Office and Visitor Center.


Illinois Beach State Park has the only remaining beach ridge and swale habitat in Illinois. This unique habitat was formed over thousands of years as the lake level dropped from its ancient levels, exposing sandy beach ridges and low areas (swales) that roughly parallel the shoreline. The park is home to over 650 native plant species and 300 animal species, including over 60 state-protected species and several federally protected species.