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Models and Education Kits for Purchase

INHS has developed accurate, hand cast and hand painted models with educational booklets.

Emerald Ash Borer model

  Emerald Ash Borer

Education Kit


 Hellbender Education Kit


Tully Monster -

Illinois' State Fossil

Education Kit coming soon!



Habitat Resource Education Kits for loan

The INHS Outreach Group, with funding from the University of Illinois Office of Public Engagement, is assembling kits to assist formal and informal science educators to teach about a variety of Illinois habitats. Each kit will contain equipment for field sampling, slide shows, and classroom activities. These kits can be borrowed from the Illinois Natural History Survey at no charge, provided the equipment and materials are returned in good condition.

In addition to the appropriate field guides and lessons, each habitat kit contains a variety of tools and materials to explore the particular habitat.  For some more expensive items that could be used in multiple habitats, (i.e. binoculars and student discovery scopes) we opted to put them in a separate box so they can be borrowed with any of the kits.


The forest kit contains a field tape for measuring trees, a tree borer, tree aging kit, soil core sampler, and laminated leaves of various Illinois trees.


The aquatic kit includes materials for pond or river sampling, including trays, magnifying glasses, small nets, laminated identification sheets, additional nets, including larger collapsible dip nets, an aquatic sweep net, a water chemical test kit, squirt bottles, secchi disk, and sample plates. We also built a surber stream bottom sampler.


The prairie kit includes materials for demonstrating the diversity of insects and plants within a prairie, including models depicting the depth of roots of prairie plants and collapsible sweep nets for sampling insect diversity and a soil core sampler.  Based on input from our scientists, we created collapsible frames used to randomly section off 1m2 areas of prairie within which to measure the diversity of plants and insects. 


The soils kit contains a rock and mineral reference collection, shovel, core sampler, soil sieve set, soil color identification manual, magnifying glasses, vials, pans, soil test kit, rock and mineral hardness test kit, animal track and scat replica kits, headlamps, and UV flashlight. 


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