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The Good Guys - Natural Enemies of Insects

Michael R. Jeffords
Susan L. Post
Robert N. Wiedenmann
Carolyn Nixon
Clifford S. Sadof

How to Use These Cards


These cards are designed to help home 
gardeners learn to identify the good guys--natural enemies of many common garden pests. The photos and information on each card provide sight identification of the organism or group of organisms considered beneficial in controlling insect garden pests. These cards are not designed for species identification, but only to point out general categories of insects, diseases, and other animals that should be nurtured in the home garden. Note that a natural enemy is categorized as either a parasite, predator, or disease.


Photos by Michael R. Jeffords, David Voegtlin, Susan L. Post, James Sternburg, Clifford Sadof (Purdue), and Joseph Maddox. Layout design by Carolyn Nixon.

This project is a collaboration between the Illinois Natural History Survey of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, and the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences of the University of Illinois.

Printing of this card set was made possible by a grant from Extension-Integrated Pest Management Program, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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