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Who are we?

Photo of Lost Mound Corps of Discovery members

The Lost Mound Corps of Discovery consists of a group of dedicated volunteers who have been trained to document nature and work under the auspices of the Illinois Natural History Survey. Our Mission is to provide an esthetic documentation of the natural beauty and history of the Lost Mound area through writing, photography, sketching, and painting, while participating as volunteers in a variety of projects.


Our Goals are to:
  • collect and assemble information of all types into final forms, such as posters, maps, brochures, books, and computer multi-media that tell the story of Lost Mound. The exhibits will be displayed locally and throughout the state of Illinois. The works would be of use in public education, enhancing public awareness, promoting local tourism, and attracting environmentally-compatible businesses to the area;
  • serve as a bridge between Lost Mound and local organizations and businesses that have an interest in the Lost Mound area;
  • work closely with the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to insure that all LRA and Army safety and operational regulations are followed;
  • serve as volunteers on specific scientific projects that relate to our mission;
  • expand our capabilities in terms of a scientifi c understanding of the Lost Mound ecosystems and in documentation methods;
  • and enjoy experiencing Lost Mound while telling its story.

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