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The dynamic, changing landscape of the University of Wisconsin–Madison Arboretum provides a perfect opportunity for committed citizens to participate in the documentation of the biological and habitat diversity of this historic restoration and preservation effort. Two centuries ago the Midwest served as the start for one of the greatest exploratory endeavors undertaken on the North American continent—the Lewis & Clark Expedition. We will use the Lewis & Clark model to create a 21st century Corps of Discovery to aesthetically document this unique, historic landscape. The Arboretum Corps of Discovery will consist of individuals trained in the skills of nature photography, descriptive writing, and sketching/drawing, who can then create a total picture of the Arboretum, both today and into the future.


Who are we?

Arboretum Corps of Discovery group photo

The Arboretum Corps of Discovery consists of a group of dedicated volunteers who have been trained to document nature and work under the auspices of the Illinois Natural History Survey. Our Mission is to provide an esthetic documentation of the natural beauty and history of the the University of Wisconsin Arboretumthrough writing, photography, sketching, and painting, while participating as volunteers in a variety of projects.

Illinois Natural History Survey

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