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At our Lake Michigan Biological Station in Zion, staff conducts outreach specifically on aquatic invasive species (AIS), which are non-native freshwater organisms that become established in our natural waterways and cause negative environmental and/or economic impacts. The zebra mussel, Eurasian watermilfoil and silver carp are all examples of invaders that have impacted Illinois.

Aquatic invaders such as these can be introduced and spread through a variety of activities including those associated with recreational water users, backyard water gardeners, aquarium hobbyists, natural resource professionals, the baitfish industry and commercial shipping. To minimize/curtail/rein in/reduce the impact AIS have on our state, we must prevent the introduction of new invasive species and limit the spread of those already established. This can be done largely through outreach to groups/individuals associated with each pathway. In partnership with Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant, we are addressing these pathways/individuals through a variety of outreach activities and products.

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