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Aquatic Invasive Outreach at LMBS

Kristin TePas

Aquatic invasive species (AIS) have ecologically changed Illinois’ waterways, and new introductions continue to threaten. Mitigation of these threats depends in-part on outreach, which can mitigate the introduction and spread of AIS in ways that policy and management cannot. This is especially true when the introduction and spread of AIS by people are due to lack of awareness, not conscious intent.


Introduction and spread of AIS can occur through various vectors and pathways including recreational water users, backyard water gardeners, aquarium hobbyists, resource professionals, the baitfish industry and commercial shipping. The direct connection between Lake Michigan and Illinois’ inland waters via the Chicago waterways is another potential pathway for AIS spread. In partnership with Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant, we currently are engaged in preventing the introduction and spread of AIS by changing behaviors of people involved in pathways of spread, and by working to “close” the Chicago waterways to AIS.

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