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Long Term Resource Monitoring: Water Quality Component 


 All sites of 1 Stratefied Random Sampling session indicated by the red icons while all fixed sampling sites are represented by black icons.


 Picture2.jpgAs part of the Long Term Resource Monitoring element (LTRM), we have monitored water quality in the La Grange reach of the Illinois River since 1989. From 1989-1993, we sampled approximately 25 fixed sites every week. In 1993 we switched to sampling once every two weeks at 13 fixed sites (including 5 major tributaries) and seasonal Stratified Random Sampling (SRS).  SRS is a seasonally intensive sampling (i.e. four times per year) at 135 main channel, side channel, and backwater sites throughout the reach.  Also, we recently dropped 2 fixed sites and changed our sampling frequency due to funding issues. We now sample fixed sites bi-monthly April-June, monthly in January, March, August, September, October, and November and no fixed site sampling takes place in February or December. Stratified random sampling (SRS) still takes place as it has since 1993 with the exception of 2002, when no SRS was done.

 Some of the parameters that wq2007_011.jpgwe measure in the field at these sites include depth, secchi, temperature, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, pH, and velocity. A water sample is collected and taken back to the lab and analyzed for turbidity, suspended solids, chlorophyll, and phytoplankton. Other water samples are collected, preserved, and later analyzed in a lab for different nutrients such as total nitrogen and total phosphorus just to name a few.

Along with main channel and side channel habitats of the La Grange Reach, major backwater areas that we sample for water quality include Pekin Lake, Big Lake, Clear Lake, Quiver Lake, Matanza Lake, Crane Lake, Chain Lake, Stewart Lake, Treadway Lake, Muscooten Bay and Lily Lake. Tributaries that we sample include the Mackinaw, Quiver, Spoon, Sangamon, and La Moine rivers.

Doyn Kellerhals coordinates the water quality sampling on the La Grange Reach, and more information and water quality data are available online at the UMESC LTRMP water quality page below:

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