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Stephen A. Forbes Biological Station
Frank C. Bellrose Waterfowl Research Center

Joshua Stafford Joshua D. Stafford, Ph.D. 
Affiliate, Waterfowl Ecologist

Assistant Unit Leader
U.S. Geological Survey
South Dakota Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit
South Dakota State University
Brookings, SD 57007

Phone: 605-688-5759

Recognition Outstanding New Staff Member Award, Illinois Natural History Survey, 2007
  David H. Nabi Memorial Award, MSU, 2004
  Susan "Gay" Simpson Memorial Award for Outstanding Student in Waterfowl/Wetlands Ecology, 2000
Selected Publications O'Neal, B.J., E.J. Heske, and J.D. Stafford. 2008. Monitoring and modeling waterbird response to wetlands restored through the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program. Journal of Wildlife Management 72:654?664.
  Stafford, J.D., M.M. Horath, A.P. Yetter, C.S. Hine, and S.P. Havera. 2007. Wetland use by mallards during spring and fall in the Illinois and Central Mississippi River Valleys. Waterbirds 30:394?402.
  Stafford, J.D. and A.T. Pearse. 2007. Survival of radio-marked ducklings in eastern South Dakota. Wilson Journal of Ornithology 119:585?591.
  Stafford, J.D., R.M. Kaminski, and K.J. Reinecke. 2006. Waste rice for waterfowl in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley. Journal of Wildlife Management 70:61?69.
  Bowyer, M.W., J.D. Stafford, A.P. Yetter, C.S. Hine, M.M. Horath, and S.P. Havera. 2005. Moist-soil plant seed production for waterfowl at Chautauqua National Wildlife Refuge, Illinois. The American Midland Naturalist 153:331?341.
Professional Societies and Activities The Wildlife Society (TWS), 1998-present
North Central Section of TWS, 2005-present
Illinois Chapter TWS, Secretary-Treasurer, 2007-2009
Mississippi Flyway Tech Section, 2005-present
Associate Editor, Wetlands, 2007-present
Education Ph.D. -  Mississippi State University (Forest Resources), 2004
  M.S. -  South Dakota State University (Wildlife Science), 2000
  B.S. -  Oregon State University (Wildlife Science), 1997

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