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The Illinois Natural History Survey welcomes donations to support our research, education, and outreach programs. We have several established funds, which are described below. Donations can also be made to support the research of individual scientists.

To make a donation by credit card, please visit the University of Illinois Foundation’s secure online giving site and enter the amount you want to contribute under “I would like my donation allocated to the following specific fund(s).” Please direct your donation to “Illinois Natural History Survey” and a fund listed below. Please copy or note the name of the fund to which you want to donate on the UIF's site.

To donate by check payable to the University of Illinois Foundation, please mail it to Office of the Director, Illinois Natural History Survey, Prairie Research Institute, University of Illinois, 1816 S Oak St., Champaign, IL 61820. Be sure to identify the fund or scientist you are supporting in your cover letter.

Thank you for your support!


Illinois Natural History Survey Aquatic Biology Research Fund

Gifts to this fund support introductory or otherwise hard to fund projects concerning the form, distribution, and function of Illinois' aquatic ecosystem heritage. For more information, contact Geoff Levin, Associate Director.

Illinois Natural History Survey Biodiversity Research Fund

This fund supports introductory or otherwise hard to fund projects concerning biodiversity in all its forms. For more information, contact Geoff Levin, Associate Director.

Illinois Natural History Survey Entomology for the Ages Fund

This fund honors Dr. William H. Luckmann, who was a researcher and administrator for applied entomological programs at the Illinois Natural History Survey from 1949-1984. The Luckmann Award, first granted in 1994, is given annually to a student in applied entomology to support travel to a professional meeting. For more information, contact Lee Solter, Insect Pathologist.

Illinois Natural History Survey Philip W. Smith Memorial Fund

This fund, established by the family and friends of Dr. Philip W. Smith, honors his long and distinguished career at the Illinois Natural History Survey (1942-1979) and the University of Illinois (1965-1979). It supports research in all areas of natural history. For more information, contact Geoff Levin, Associate Director, or visit

Illinois Natural History Survey R. Weldon Larimore/Jordan Creek Award Endowment Fund

Established by the family and friends of Dr. R. Weldon Larimore, this fund honors Dr. Larimore's long and distinguished career at the Illinois Natural History Survey (1946-current) and the University of Illinois (1969-1988). It supports research in stream ecology. For more information, contact Jeremy Tiemann, Chair of the Fund's selection committee.  See more information at the R. Weldon Larimore page at the School of Integrative Biology.

Illinois Natural History Survey Warren Brigham Memorial Fund

This fund honors the memory of Dr. Warren Brigham, a leader in the application of GIS to natural history research and a specialist in aquatic beetles. It supports projects that involve computers and/or beetles with preference being given to proposals that make spatial information about water beetles available via the Internet. For more information, contact Mark Wetzel, Macroinvertebrate Zoologist.

Illinois Natural History Survey Mobile Science Center Fund

The Illinois Natural History Survey Education and Outreach operates a Traveling Science Center, a 320 square foot mobile classroom featuring informative panels on biodiversity with an Illinois focus. Students learn about the types of habitats, species diversity and geology of their region. The Traveling Science Center is available to visit schools, park districts, and other organizations. This project is totally funded by external grants and donations. For additional information, contact Jen Mui, Education and Outreach Coordinator.

Illinois Natural History Survey John K. Bouseman Natural History Survey Library Endowment Fund

The goal of this fund is to help the library continue to build its excellent collection, which dates to the Survey's founding in 1858. The INHS Library serves a wide range of users, including Survey scientists, University of Illinois faculty and students, and the public. Although the INHS Library merged with the other state scientific survey libraries in June 2011 to form the Prairie Research Institute Library, the Bouseman Endowment continues to support natural history collections for the merged library. For more information, contact Susan Braxton, Librarian.

Illinois Natural History Survey Wildlife Disease Ecology Fund

This fund supports translational / applied research in free-ranging wildlife populations in Illinois. It supports research in wildlife disease (transmission, prevention, and control) at the interface of environmental factors, livestock, wildlife and human health. This fund encourages active participation of graduate and undergraduate students in multiple disciplines including but not limited to ecology, biology, ecosystem management and veterinary medicine. For further information, contact Nohra Mateus-Pinilla, Wildlife Veterinary Epidemiologist.

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