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Yong Cao
Title: Stream Ecologist
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1816 South Oak Street
Champaign, IL 61820
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Location: NRSA
Phone: 217-244-6847
Fax: 217-333-6294

Aquatic ecology, multivariate analysis, freshwater monitoring & bioassessment, biodiversity evaluation, ecological data quality and comparability, long-term ecological changes, species-occurrence distribution modeling
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Selected publications:
Cao, Y., C.P. Hawkins, D.P. Larsen, and J. Van Sickle. 2007. Effects of sample standardization on mean species detectabilities and estimates of relative differences in species richness among assemblages. American Naturalist 170:381-395.

Cao, Y., C.P. Hawkins, J. Olsen, and M. Nelson. 2007. Modeling natural environmental gradients improves the accuracy and precision of diatom-based indicators for Idaho streams. Journal of the North American Benthological Society 26:566-585.

Cao, Y., and C.P. Hawkins. 2005. Simulating biological impairment for evaluating ecological indicators. Journal of Applied Ecology 42: 954-965.

Cao, Y., D. D. Williams & D. P. Larsen. 2002. Comparison of ecological communities: the problem of sample representativeness. Ecological Monographs 72:41-56.

Cao, Y., D. D. Williams, & N.E. Williams. 1998. How important are rare species in community ecology and bioassessment. Limnology & Oceanography 43: 1403-1409.
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North American Benthological Society
Ecological Society of America

PhD., Ecology, King's College London, 1995
MS., Limnology, Chinese Academy of Science, 1986
BS., Biology, Shandong Normal University, 1982

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Illinois Natural History Survey

1816 South Oak Street, MC 652
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