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Walter R Hill
Title: Aquatic Ecologist
Mailing address:
2900 Millstream Lane, Knoxville, TN 37931
Knoxville, TN 37931
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Phone: 865-927-5209

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Selected publications:
Hill, W. R., J. Rinchard, and S. Czesny. 2011. Light, nutrients and fatty acids in stream periphyton. Freshwater Biology 56:1825-1836.

Hill, W. R., B. J. Roberts, S. N. Francouer, and S. E. Fanta. 2011. Resource synergy in stream periphyton communities. Journal of Ecology 99:454-463.

Cooke, S. L., and W. R. Hill. 2010. Can Asian carp invade the Great Lakes? A bioenergetic exercise. Freshwater Biology 55: 2138-2152.

Hill, W. R., J. G. Smith, and A. J. Stewart. 2010. Light, nutrients, and herbivore growth in oligotrophic streams. Ecology 91: 518-527.

Fanta, S. E., W. R. Hill, T. B. Smith, and B. J. Roberts. 2010. Applying the light:nutrient hypothesis to stream periphyton. Freshwater Biology 55: 931-940.

Hill, W. R., M. G. Ryon, J. G. Smith, S. M. Adams, H. L. Boston, and A. J. Stewart. 2010. The role of periphyton in mediating the effects of pollution in a stream ecosystem. Environmental Management 45: 563-576.

Mulholland, P. J., B. J. Roberts, W. R. Hill, and J. G. Smith. 2009. Unexpected climate change effects on a stream ecosystem: response to the 2007 spring freeze in the Southeastern United States. Global Change Biology 15: 1767-1776

Hill, W. R., S. E. Fanta, and B. J. Roberts. 2009. Quantifying phosphorus and light effects in stream algae. Limnology and Oceanography 54: 368-380.

Cooke, S. L., W. R. Hill, and K. P. Meyer. 2009. Feeding at different plankton densities alters invasive bighead carp growth and zooplankton species composition. Hydrobiologia 625:185-193.
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Program affiliates:
Dept. of Plant Biology, University of Illinois.
Dept. of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, University of Illinois.
Program in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation, University of Illinois.
Environmental Sciences Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
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Education: PhD, Ecology, University of California, Davis

MA, Zoology, University of California, Davis

BA, Biology, State University of New York, Binghamton
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