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Biological control of exotic weeds (purple loosestrife)
Exotic species education
Critical Trends Assessment Program scientific report coordinator
Educational outreach
Illinois Wilds Institute for Nature registrar/co-coordinator
Public information
Biological Control of Purple Loosestrife (1996-present)-I am in charge of maintaining the insect and plant colonies, shipping the biocontrol agents to cooperators in infested areas, keeping records, maintaining contact with our co-operators (at present we have over 40) and not only supervising the student workers, but keeping them interested in the project. With colleagues, I develop fact sheets, posters, and promotional items, and I assist with hands-on field training days and field data collections.
Exotic Species Education (1998-present)-I assisted with the development of a purple loosestrife educational curriculum. I organize 1-3 workshops per year for educators to be trained in the curriculum; purchase all supplies the educators will need and train them in their use. I am the liason between the project and the educators, both continuing and new. Since 1998 we have trained over 200 educators with half of them continuing to participate in the project. In addition to a curriculum I conceived the concept of a calendar and have helped with the production 2 successful versions.
Critical Trends Assessment Program Co-ordinator (2000-present)-I co-ordinate the scientific reports (Volume 3 The Living Resources) for the project. The Illinois Natural History Survey's part of the report has nine components each created by a different group of scientists. My job is to make sure the scientists have the needed information and complete the report in a timely manner. I write the introduction, edit the report once it is completed, and guide it through final layout and production. Two to four reports are produced per year.
Educational Outreach (1990-present)-I along with a colleague, have developed and produced Insect Theatre, a way to teach entomology with puppets, songs and larger than life insects. I have introduced Chicago intercity youth (CYCLE) to the Illinois prairie, natural resources and the Illinois Natural History Survey. I help co-ordinate Insect Expo, both locally and in southern Illinois. I along with a colleague were the Illinois Naturalist's from 1994-99. The Illinois Naturalist was a weekly 3-minute public radio spot. We scheduled topics, wrote copy, and recorded the spots.
Illinois Wilds Institute for Nature (2000-present)-Illinois Wilds Institute for Nature was concevied by Dr. Michael Jeffords and myself. It is designed as a field/ classroom experience in exploring one of the many facets of Illinois's Natural History. I am the registrar for Illinois Wilds Institute for Nature (IWIN), in which I also develop and instruct courses.
Public Information (1990-present)-With the completion of my first manuscript Illinois Wilds, I have gained confidence in the use of the written word. I have written popular articles for the Nature of Illinois, a quarterly publication produced by the Nature of Illinois Foundation and the Illinois Steward Magazine, a quarterly publication of the Illinois Stewardship committee and the University of Illinois Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences. I am currently a staff writer for the Illinois Steward Magazine. I also write a bimonthly column entitled Species Spotlight for the Illinois Natural History Survey Reports. Species Spotlight highlights an Illinois organism.
Photography (1990-present)-I am an accomplished nature photographer. I have had pictures published in Michigan Natural Resources Magazine, The Nature of Illinois, The Illinois Steward Magazine, and numerous in-house publications including The Forests of Illinois, which won an award for 4-color technical publications. I, along with a colleague, teach half day to 2-day nature photography/field classes.
Message to students:
University of Illinois College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences Professional Staff Award for Excellence-Innovation and Creativity, 1998
Gold Medal Award for 4-color publication (Illinois Steward Magazine), 1997
Gold Medal Award for 4-color publication (Illinois Steward Magazine), 1996
Honorable Mention in the best regional books catagory from the Mid-America Publishers Association, Illinois Wilds, 1995
International Award for 4-color Technical Publication, The Forests of Illinois, 1992 (contributing photographer)
Professional affiliations:
Sonoran Arthropod Studies Institute-Professional Member
Natural Areas Association
The Illinois Nature Conservancy
East Central Illinois Volunteer Stewardship Network (Co-steward of Trelease Woods)
Illinois Native Plant Society (Board Member, 1988-1989)
Grand Prairie Friends (Board Member and Treasurer, 1989-1991)
Illinois Junior Academy of Science (Paper Co-chairman, 1990-1995)
Selected publications:
Post, S.L. 2001. North with the Spring- Touches Here and There. Illinois Steward Magazine. 10: 3-10.
Post, S.L. 1997. Hiking Illinois. Human Kinetics, Champaign, IL. 212 pp.
Post, S.L. 1997. The Fox River Basin: An Inventory of the Region's Resources. A project of the Critical Trends Assessment Program. Illinois Department of Natural Resources Office of Realty and Environmental Planning. 22p.
Jeffords, M.R. and S.L. Post. 1997. Biodiversity, wetlands, biological control: information and activities for young scientists. Purple loosestrife: a case study. 235 pp.
Jeffords, M.R., S.L. Post, and K.R. Robertson. 1995. Illinois Wilds. Phoenix Publishing, Champaign, IL. 153 pp
Post, S. L. 1991. Appendix 1: Native Illinois species diversity and related bibliography. Pages 463-475 in L.M. Page and M.R. Jeffords, eds. Our living heritage: the biological resources of Illinois. Illinois Natural History Survey Bulletin, 34(4).
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I am a member of Dr. Robert Wiedenmann's biological control program and also a member of the Illinois Natural History Survery's CTAP (Critical Trends Assessmenet Program) under the direction of Dr. William Ruesink. I collaborate with Charles Helm, Carolyn Nixon and Dr. Michael Jeffords.
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