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Levi E Solomon
Title: Field Research Coordinator
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704 N. Schrader
Havana, IL 62644
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Location: IRBS
Phone: 309-543-6000
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I am Field Research Coordinator at the Illinois River Biological Station and Fish Component Specialist for the Upper Mississippi River Restoration Program's Long Term Resource Monitoring element.

My research interests include general ecology of large rivers. I am particularly interested life history expression, population demographics, movement patterns of fishes, biology and ecosystem impacts of invasive species, and the importance of backwater and off-channel river habitat.
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Best Professional Presentation, Illinois Chapter of the American Fisheries Society, 2012

Co-author of Best Professional Poster Presentation, Illinois Chapter of the American Fisheries Society, 2016

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Selected publications:

Pendleton, R. M., C. Schwinghammer, L. E. Solomon, and A. F. Casper. 2017.   Competition among river planktivores: are native planktivores still fewer and skinnier in response to the Silver Carp invasion.  Environmental Biology of Fishes. DOI 10.1007/s10641-017-0637-7.

Lampo, E. G., B. C. Knights, J. M. Vallazza, W. T. Rechkemmer, C. A. Anderson, L. E. Solomon, A. F. Casper, R. M. Pendleton, and J. T. Lamer.  2017. Using Pharyngeal Teeth and Chewing Pads to Predict Juvenile Silver Carp Total Length in the La Grange Reach, Illinois River.  North American Journal of Fisheries Management Vol 37: 5.

Gibson-Reinemer D. K., L. E. Solomon, R. M. Pendleton, J. H. Chick, and A. F. Casper. 2017. Hydrology controls recruitment of two invasive cyprinids: bigheaded carp reproduction in a navigable large river. PeerJ. 5:e3641

Solomon, L. E., R. M. Pendleton, R. A, Hrabik, and A. F. Casper. 2016.  Population trends and a distributional record of selected fish species from the Illinois River. Transaction of the Illinois State Academy of Science. Vol. 109, pp. 57-61.

Solomon, L. E. and A. F. Casper.  2016.  Documenting the Use of the Long Term Resource Monitoring Element’s Fish Monitoring Methodologies Throughout the Midwest U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Upper Mississippi River Restoration Program, Long Term Resource Monitoring Technical Report 2016–T001, 15 p., including appendixes,   

Solomon, L. S., R. M. Pendleton, J. H. Chick, and A. F. Casper. 2016. Long-term changes in fish community structure in relation to the establishment of Asian carp in a large floodplain river.  Biological Invasions. DOI 10.1007/s10530-016-1180-8.

Seibert, J, R., Q. E. Phelps, K. L. Yallaly, S. Tripp, L. Solomon, T. Stefanavage, D. P. Herzog, and M. Taylor.  2015.  Use of exploitation simulation models for silver carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix) populations in several Midwestern U.S. rivers Management of Biological Invasions. Vol 6, Issue 3:  295-3-2.

Solomon, L. E., Q. E. Phelps, D. P. Herzog, C. J. Kennedy, and M. S. Taylor. 2013. Newly established dispersal patterns alligator gar reintroduced into a floodplain habitat. American Midland Naturalist. 169: 536-544.

Phelps, Q.E., D. P. Herzog, Solomon, L.E., J. W. Crites, D. E. Ostendorf, J. W. Ridings, and R. A. Hrabik.  2012.  Measurement error in shovelnose sturgeon: evidence from field observation and controlled experiment data.  Journal of Freshwater Ecology. Vol 28, No.1, 133-138.

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Bachelor of Science: Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Master of Natural Science: Southeast Missouri State University

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