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Brenda Molano-Flores
Title: Plant Ecologist
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Plant-insect interactions, plant reproductive biology, T and E species, prairies.
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Professional affiliations:
Botanical Society of America, Ecological Society of America, Illinois Native Plant Society, Illinois State Academy of Science, International Carnivorous Plant Society, Natural Areas Association, Society for Ecological Restoration, Southern Appalachian Botanical Society, Torrey Botanical Society, and Xerces Society.
Selected publications:


Molano-Flores, B., S. Primer, J. Annis, M.A. Feist, J. Coons, and R. Digges.  2018. Reproductive ecology of three rare North American Pinguicula species. Plant Species Biology 33:129-139.

Matthews, J.W., B. Molano-Flores, J. Ellis, P. Marcum, W. Handel, J. Zylka, and L.R. Phillippe. 2017. Impacts of management and antecedent site disturbance on restoration outcomes in a sand prairie.  Restoration Ecology 25:972-981.

Zaya, D.N., B. Molano-Flores, M.A. Feist, J. Koontz, and J. Coons. 2017. Population genetics assessment of the USA endemic carnivorous plant Pinguicula ionantha R.K. Godfrey (Lentibulariaceae). Conservation Genetics 18:171-180. 

 Zylka, J.J., C.J. Whelan, and B. Molano-Flores. 2016. Restoration implications of land management on aboveground vegetation and seed bank of grassland communities.  American Midland Naturalist 176:36-59.

 Chi, K. and B. Molano-Flores. 2016. Reproductive morphology of a rare endemic Midwestern species in association with habitat degradation.  The Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society 143:169-179.

 Molano-Flores, B. and A.E. Faivre. 2015. Sexual differences in Lobelia spicata populations: floral morphometrics, stigma pollen loads, and pollen tube growth.  Plant Species Biology 30:202-211.

Kurylo, J.,S. Raghu, and B. Molano-Flores. 2015. Flood tolerance in common buckthorn (Rhamnus cathartica). Natural Areas Journal 35:502-507. 

Ruffatto, D.M., D.N. Zaya, and B. Molano-Flores. 2015. Reproductive success of the gynodioecious Lobelia spicata Lam. (Campanulaceae): female frequency, population demographics, and latitudinal patterns. The International Journal of Plant Sciences 176:120-130.

Pearion, M. and B. Molano-Flores. 2015. The reproductive ecology of Mononeuria patula (Michx.) Dillenb. and Kadereit (Caryophyllaceae). The Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society 142:38-50.

Helm, C. and B. Molano-Flores. 2015. New records of native and non-native bark and ambrosia beetles (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae) for Illinois.The Great Lakes Entomologist 48:137-149.

Molano-Flores, B., L.R. Phillippe, P.B. Marcum, C. Carroll-Cunningham, J.L. Ellis, D.T. Busemeyer,  and J.E. Ebinger. 2015. A floristic inventory and vegetation survey of three dolomite prairies in northeastern, Illinois. Castanea 80:153-170.

Leja, M., K. Chi, and B. Molano-Flores. 2015. Presence and intensity of pre-dispersal seed predation in a rare plant in response to habitat quality and population metrics. Natural Areas Journal 35:542-549.

Chi, K. and B. Molano-Flores. 2015. Habitat degradation disrupts plant-pollinator interactions for a rare, self-compatible prairie species. Plant Ecology 216:1275-1283.

Chi, K. and B. Molano-Flores. 2014. Can floral display size compensate for Allee effects caused by low population abundance and density in Synthyris bullii (Plantaginaceae), a rare species? American Journal of Botany 101:428-436.

Molano-Flores, B. 2014. An invasive plant species decreases native plant reproductive success. Natural Areas Journal 34:465-469. 
Curtis, M., K. Chi, and B. Molano-Flores. 2013. Seed ecology of Synthris bullii (Plantaginaceae), a rare endemic of the Midwestern USA. Botany 91:884-889.
Wallner, A.M., B. Molano-Flores, and C.H. Dietrich. 2013. Using Auchenorrhyncha (Insecta: Hemiptera) to develop a new insect index in measuring North American tallgrass prairie quality.  Ecological Indicators 25:58-64.
Wallner, A.M., B. Molano-Flores, and C.H. Dietrich. 2013. Evaluating glacial drift hill prairie quality in Illinois using Auchenorrhyncha (Insecta: Hemiptera) and vascular plants. Biodiversity and Conservation 22:615-637.
Chu, S. and B. Molano-Flores. 2013. Impacts of landscape-use change on floristic quality assessment in northeastern Illinois wetlands. Urban Ecosystems 16:235-246.
Molano-Flores, B. and T. Bell. 2012. Projected population dynamics and extinction rates for a federally endangered plant under different climate change emission scenarios. Biological Conservation 145:130-138.

Molano-Flores, B. 2012. Diaspore morphometrics and self-burial in Hesperostipa spartea from loam and sandy soils. The Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society 139:56-62.

Wallner, A.M., B. Molano-Flores, and C.H. Dietrich. 2012. The influence of fire on Illinois hill prairie Auchenorrhyncha (Insecta: Hemiptera) diversity and integrity. Journal of Insect Conservation 16:433-445.

Spyreas, G., S. Meiner, J.W. Matthews, and B. Molano-Flores. 2012. Successional trends in floristic quality. Journal of Applied Ecology 49:339-348.

Molano-Flores, B., J.M. Coons, and J.B. Cunningham. 2011. Germination study of two seed types from three species of Dalea. Castanea 76:266-271.

Phillippe, L.R., B. Molano-Flores, M.J.C. Murphy, P.B. Marcum, and J.E. Ebinger. 2011. Status of endangered and threatened sand area species of the Illinois flora. Illinois Natural History Survey Bulletin 39:259-296.

Molano-Flores, B. and H. Mlynarski. 2011. The effects of carbon amendments on the growth and reproduction of a prairie plant. Ecological Restoration 29:327-329.

Molano-Flores, B. and H. Mlynarski. 2011. Testing carbon amendments in future prairie restoration site. Ecological Restoration 29:17-19.

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2011-Present: Adjunct Associate Professor - Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences Department, University of Illinois.

2004-Present: Affiliate Professor - Entomology Department, University of Illinois.

2003-Present: Affiliate Professor - Plant Biology Department, University of Illinois.

Professional society involvement and activities:
2018-present. Associate Editor, The American Midland Naturalist.
2012-present. Vice Chair, Ecology Section, Botanical Society of America, St. Louis, Missouri.
2007-present. Associate Editor, Natural Areas Journal.

PhD, University of Iowa, Iowa City, 1997

MS, University of Puerto Rico, 1991

BSc, University of Puerto Rico, 1988
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