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Mary Ann E Feist
Title: Wetland Plant Ecologist
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Location: Forbes Natural History Building

I am a field botanist with the wetlands group. I delineate wetlands, monitor wetland mitigation sites, and perform wetland mitigation site assessments for the Illinois Department of Transportation.
I am currently undertaking the revision of two genera within the Apiaceae, Oxypolis and Ptilimnium. I am employing both molecular and morphological methods to understand the systematics of these groups.

I have engaged in a number of floristic surveys of natural areas in Illinois with colleagues at INHS. These have included Matanzas NP and Longbranch NP, Mason County; Dean Hills NP, Fayette County; Iroquois County Conservation Area and Hooper Branch NP, Iroquois County; and the Pembroke Savannas, Kankakee County.

I participate in the All Taxa Biotic Inventory (ATBI) of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Each year I make several trips to the park with other INHS botanists to inventory the vascular plants there. We collect all flowering and fruiting taxa encountered in various watersheds throughout the park and incorporate the collection data into the overall biodiversity project database.

I am the Regional Administrator for the Prairie Grove Volunteers, a local chapter of the Nature Conservancy's Volunteer Stewards Network. The Prairie Grove Volunteers steward over 30 natural areas in east central Illinois. We implement a variety of management techniques at these sites including prescribed burning, invasive species removal, and native species planting.
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Feist M.A., L.R. Phillippe, D.T. Busemeyer, and J.E. Ebinger. Vegetation Survey of Dean Hills Nature Preserve, Fayette County, Illinois. Castenea in press.

Molano-Flores, B., M.A. Feist, and C. Whelan. 2003. Seed germination, seedling survivorship, and host preference of Agalinis auriculata (Michx.) Blake (Orobanchaceae), an Illinois, USA, threatened species. Natural Areas Journal 23 (2):152-157.
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Member of the American Society of Plant Taxonomists
Member of the Natural Areas Association
Member of the Illinois Academy of Sciences
Education: MS, Biology, University of Cincinnati, Ohio, 1995

BA, College of Wooster, Ohio, 1986
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