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Jeff M Levengood
Title: Fish and Wildlife Toxicologist
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Champaign, IL 61820
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primary- applied research; secondary- teaching
Health of lesser scaup using riverine wetlands
Environmental contamination associated with coal ash waste
Toxicants in Asian carps from the Illinois River

Health Assessment of Peruvian Humboldt Penguins: Environmental Contaminants (w/Yi, Adkesson et al.)

Transfer of contaminants from sediments to insectivorous birds via emergent aquatic insects (w/ Soucek et al.)

Using Preserved Specimens to Ascertain Historic Trends in Mercury Deposition

Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Contaminants Associated with Railroads

Impacts of Contaminants Associated with Railroads on Aquatic Communities (w/Cao)

Isoflavones in the agricultural environment

Yet-to-emerge Contaminants in Lake Trout

Nesting ecology and contaminant exposure of Lake Calumet Black-Crowned Night-Herons

A comparative investigation of contaminants in fishes from the Calumet region of Chicago

Patterns of contaminant exposure in unionid mussels from the MS/IL Rivers confluence area

Contaminants and trematode infections in amphibians (w/Beasley et al.)

Recruitment, Mortality, and Site Occupancy for Riparian Muskrats: Effects of Flow Regime and Landscape Context (w/Schooley et al.)

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Selected publications:

Levengood, JM, Smith, RV, Gay, DA, Davis, MA and JD Stafford. 2014. Mercury in migrating shorebirds in the Illinois River Valley. Waterbirds 37:225-229.

Levengood, JM, DJ Soucek, A. Dickinson, GG Sass and JM Epifanio. 2014. Elements of concern in fillets of bighead and silver carp from the Illinois River, Illinois. Chemosphere 104:63-68.

Levengood, JM, DJ Soucek, A. Dickinson, GG Sass and JM Epifanio. 2013. Spatial and interspecific patterns in persistent contaminant loads in bighead and silver carp from the Illinois River. Ecotoxicology. 22(7):1174-1182.

Levengood, J.M., D.J. Soucek, C.A. Taylor, and D.A. Gay. 2013. Mercury in small Illinois fishes: historical perspectives and current issues. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. 185(8):6485-6494.                                                                                                

Schooley, R. L., L. A. Cotner, A. A. Ahlers, E. J. Heske, and J. M. Levengood.  2012.  Monitoring site occupancy for American mink in its native range. Journal of Wildlife Management. 76:824-831. (IF 1.64/1.95)

Levengood, JM and DJ Schaeffer. 2011. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in fish and crayfish form the Calumet region of southwestern Lake Michigan. Ecotoxicology Article In Press:1-11.

Levengood, J. and D. Schaeffer. 2010. Comparison of PCB congener profiles in the embryos and principal prey of a breeding colony of Black-Crowned Night-Herons. Journal of Great Lakes Research 36: 548-553.

Rogowski DL, DJ Soucek, JM Levengood, SR Johnson, JH Chick, JM Dettmers, MA Pegg, and JM Epifanio. 2009. Linking relative trophic position and contaminants in Asian carps, invasive species in the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. 157:211-222.

Esarey, J, Soucek, D, Levengood, J, Hudson, R, Wimer, W and Halbrook R. 2008. Contaminants in unionid mussels from the confluence of the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers. Illinois Natural History Survey Bulletin 38:197-214.

Levengood, JM and EJ Heske. 2008. Heavy metal exposure, reproductive activity, and demographic patterns in white-footed mice (Peromyscus leucopus) inhabiting a contaminated wetland. Science of the Total Environment 389:320-328.

Levengood, JM and VR Beasley. 2007. Ecotoxicology. Pp. 689-708 in R. Gupta, Ed., Veterinary Toxicology: Basic and Clinical Principles. Elsevier/Academic Press, San Diego

Levengood, JM, Wiedenmann, L, Custer, TW, Schaeffer, DJ, Matson, CW, Melancon, MJ, Hoffman, DJ, Scott, JW, Talbott, JL, Bordson, JO, Bickham, JW, Rattner, BA, and Golden, NH. 2007. Contaminant exposure and biomarker response in embryos of black-crowned night-herons (Nycticorax nycticorax) nesting near Lake Calumet, Illinois. Journal of Great Lakes Research 33:791-805.

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Adjunct Associate Faculty, Dept. Of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, UIUC

Dept. of Comparative Biosciences, UIUC

Professional society involvement and activities:
Past President IL Chap. of The Wildlife Society
Past Chair, Wildlife Toxicology Working Group, TWS

PhD, Zoology, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, 1992

MS, Biology, Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania, 1985

BA, Biology, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, 1983

AS, Wildlife Technology, The Pennsylvania State University, 1981

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