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Suneeti Jog
Title: Assistant Scientist, Wetland Plant Ecology
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1816 S. Oak St.
Champaign, IL 61820
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Location: 2025
Phone: 217-244-2259


Wetland Assessment

I am interested in understanding, testing, and refining vegetation tools for wetland assessment. A lot of my work centers around the floristic quality assessment index (FQI). I have conducted wetland FQI studies in upstate New York, Oklahoma, Kentucky, and Illinois. I am currently working on a series of projects aimed at characterizing reference floristic quality and finding short-cuts to traditional Floristic Quality Assessment.

Plant Phylogenetic Diversity

I am interested in patterns of taxonomic distinctness and how phylogenetic distance and signal may play into floristic quality assessments. Currently we are exploring relationships of species richness, ecological conservatism, and taxonomic distinctness in wetland plant assemblages. Hereafter, we plan to dig more deeply into geographic patterns of taxonomic distinctness across wetlands. Ultimately, we hope to discover if the neglected phylogenetic dimension of bioassessments is useful.

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Selected publications:

Bried, J. T., T. S Fouts, and S. K. Jog. 2019. Enhanced indicator species performance with increasing contexualization. Conservation Science and Practice 1(12): e127.

Bried J. T., S. N. Murray, S. K. Jog, and P. De Marco Jr. 2018. Emergence timing and fixation height in Pachydiplax longipennis (Odonata: Libellulidae) at varying substrate density and sunlight exposure. International Journal of Odonatology 21:181-187.

Jog, S. K, J. T. Bried, X. Feng, A. Dzialowski, C. Davis, and M. Papes. 2017. Can land use indicate wetland floristic quality and taxonomic distinctness? Ecological Indicators 78:331-339.

Bried J. T., A. M. Siepielski, D. Dvorett, S. K. Jog, M. A. Patten, X. Feng, and C. A. Davis. 2016. Species residency status affects model selection and hypothesis testing in freshwater community ecology. Freshwater Biology 61:1568-1579.

Bried, J. T, S. K. Jog, C. A. Davis, and A. R. Dzialowski. 2016. Rapid buffer assessment fails to predict and classify wetland floristic quality in Oklahoma. Wetlands 36:799-805.

Bried, J. T., S. K. Jog, A. R. Dzialowski, and C. A. Davis. 2014. Potential vegetation criteria for identifying reference-quality wetlands in the south-central United States. Wetlands 34:1159-1169.

Bried, J. T., S. K. Jog, and J. W. Matthews. 2013. Floristic quality assessment signals human disturbance over natural variability in a wetland system. Ecological Indicators 34:260-267.

Questad, E., B. L. Foster, S. K. Jog, K. Kindscher, and H. Loring. 2011. Evaluating patterns of biodiversity in managed grasslands using spatial turnover metrics. Biological Conservation 144:1050-1058.

Jog, S. K.  2009. Tiarella L. in the Flora of North America, Volume 8, Flora of North America Editorial Committee. Oxford University Press. New York. 114-116.

Jog, S. K., K. Kindscher, E. Questad, B. Foster, and H. Loring. 2006. Floristic quality as an indicator of native species diversity within managed grasslands. Natural Areas Journal 26:149-167.


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American Society of Plant Taxonomists

Illinois Native Plant Society

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Ph.D. Biology (Boatny), Cleveland State University 2003

MSc. Botany, University of Mumbai 1997

BSc. Botany, University of Bombay 1995

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