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R. Edward DeWalt
Title: Aquatic Entomologist
Mailing address:
1816 S. Oak Street
Champaign, IL 61820
Office address:
1909 S Oak St.
Champaign, IL 61820
Address mailcode: 652
Office room: 2025/ laboratory 2000
Location: Evers Laboratory, Rm 2025 (office), 2000 (lab)
Phone: 217-649-7414

  1. Comparison of pre-European settlement and climate influence future distributions of stoneflies.
  2. Stonefly taxonomy and systematics.
  3. Phylogeography of stoneflies in eastern North America.
  4. Phylogeny of Perlidae.
  5. Reintroduction of stoneflies to Illinois.
  6. Biodiversity patterns of stoneflies in eastern North America.
  7. How well do upper Great Lakes National Parks protect aquatic insects?
  8. How do Conservation Reserve lands influence aquatic macroinvertebrate communities in the Kaskaskia River drainage of Illinois?




Message to students:

Current Students:

Massimo Pessino, PhD: Phylogeography of stoneflies in eastern North America

Eric J. South, Masters: Effects of conservation plantings on macroinvertebrate communities of the Kaskaskia River drainage of Illinois.

Students who wish to study any aspect of aquatic insect ecology, taxonomy, or biology may contact me at I focus most of my energy on the study of stoneflies, but would mentor students interested in mayflies and caddisflies as well. I am affiliated with the Dept. of Entomology. Students studying under me would likely gain their degree through that dept.

Standing Committee of the International Society of Plecopterologists
Past President and Current Treasurer Illinois State Academy of Science
Professional affiliations:
Society for Freshwater Science
International Society of Plecopterologists
Entomological Society of American
Illinois State Academy of Science
Selected publications:
  1. Pessino, M., E. T. Chabot, R. Giordano and R. E. DeWalt. 2014. Refugia and postglacial expansion of Acroneuria frisoni Stark & Brown (Plecoptera∶ Perlidae) in North America. Freshwater Science. on-line edition.

  2. Grubbs, S. A., B. C. Kondratieff, and R. E. DeWalt. 2013. A review of the Nearctic genus Zealeuctra Ricker (Plecoptera, Leuctridae), with the description of a new species from the Cumberland Plateau region of eastern North America. Zookeys 344: 17-47.

  3. Cao, Y., R. E. DeWalt, J. L. Robinson, T. Tweddale, L. Hinz, and M. Pessino. 2013. Using Maxent to model the historic distributions of stonefly species in Illinois streams and rivers: the effects of regularization and threshold selections. Ecological Modelling, 259: 30–39.

  4. Webb, J. M. Jacobus, L. M. D. H. Funk, X. Zhou, B. Kondratieff, C. J. Geraci, R. E. DeWalt, D. J. Baird, B. Richard, I. Phillips, P. D. N. Hebert. 2012. A DNA Barcode Library for North American Ephemeroptera: Progress and Prospects. PLoS ONE 7(5): e38063. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0038063/

  5. DeWalt, R. E., Y. Cao, T. Tweddale, S. A. Grubbs, L. Hinz, M. Pessino, J. L. Robinson. 2012. Ohio USA stoneflies (Insecta, Plecoptera): species richness estimation, distribution of functional niche traits, drainage affiliations, and relationships to other states. ZooKeys 178: 1–26. doi: 10.3897/zookeys.178.2616.

  6. DeWalt, R. E., M. D. Maehr, U. Neu-Becker and G. Stueber. 2013. Plecoptera Species File. Version 5.0/5.0.

INHS Publink:
Program affiliates:
University of Illinois
   Department of Entomology
Professional society involvement and activities:
Taxonomy Fair Participant and Plecoptera Expert for Taxonomic Certification Program for Society for Freshwater Science.

PhD, Aquatic Entomology, University of North Texas, 1992
MS, Biology, University of Akron, Ohio, 1986
BA, Biology, Hiram College, Ohio, 1983

Lab name: DeWalt Lab research: Aquatic Entomology Lab publications: Lab current projects: Modeling past and future distributions

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