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Jill L Deppe
Title: Research Affiliate in Avian Ecology
Mailing address:
Eastern Illinois University
Charleston, IL 61920
Office address:
Dept. Biological Sciences, 600 Lincoln Avenue
Charleston, IL 61920
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Phone: 217-581-5424

I am working with INHS and TNC scientists to quantify changes in land cover/land use and landscape connectivity in IL over the past 50 years and assess their associations with changing bird distributions in the state; I am also studying migratory and resident bird species distributions and movements in the northern Yucatan Peninsula.
My research focuses on avian-habitat associations, species distributions, and community structure at various spatial and temporal scales; the factors and processes driving those patterns; and birds' short and long-term responses to natural and anthropogenic disturbances. I am interested in animal behavior, particularly habitat selection, movement/dispersal, and foraging ecology. Most of my research is done in the Yucatan Peninsula, where I have studied both Nearctic-Neotropical migratory songbirds and year-round resident passerines.

I am also interested in evaluating acoustic recording systems for monitoring bird populations and communities.
Message to students:
National Aeronautics and Space Administration Postdoctoral Fellowship
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship
Professional affiliations:
Ornithological Council (COS Representative)
Cooper Ornithological Society
American Ornithologists' Union
Association of Field Ornithologists
Ecological Society of America
Migration Interest Group: Research Applied Toward Education (MIGRATE)
Gulf Coast Bird Observatory
Selected publications:
Celis Murillo, A., J. L. Deppe, and M. F. Allen. 2009. Using soundscape recordings to estimate bird species abundance, richness, and composition. Journal of Field Ornithology.80:64-78.

Deppe, J. L., and J. T. Rotenberry. 2008. Scale-dependent habitat use by fall migratory birds: vegetation architecture, floristics, and geographic consistency. Ecological Monographs 78:461-487.

Smith, J. A., and J. L. Deppe. 2008. Simulating the effects of wetland loss and inter-annual variability on the fitness of migratory bird species. IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium 2008. IGARSS 2008. IEEE International 4:838-841.

Deppe, J. L., K. Wessels, and J. A. Smith. 2007. Alaska at the crossroads of migration: space-based ornithology. Alaska Park Science 6:53-58.

Deppe, J. L., and J. T. Rotenberry. 2005. Temporal patterns in fall migrant communities in Yucatan, Mexico. Condor 107:229-245.
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Education: BS, Biology, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

PhD, Biology (Ecology and Evolution), University of California Riverside

Post-doc, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center / University of MD Baltimore County - Goddard Earth Sciences and Technology Center
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