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David A Enstrom
Title: Ornithologist
Mailing address:
1816 S. Oak Street
Champaign, IL 61820
Office address:
Address mailcode: 652
Office room:
Location: Room 2069, I-BLDG
Phone: 217-419-1009
Fax: 217-244-0802

Research: vocal communication in birds using remote sensing techniques. Developing web-based tools for bio-acoustics. Community assessment using bio-acoustic arrays. Radio telemetry and long-distant bird migration.
Onithological surveys in the state of Illinois.
Avian Behavioral Ecology with an emphasis on song. Currently I am working with AM radio transmitters affixed to birds obtaining more extensive vocal recordings than previously possible. I'm also working on developing a wireless audio array for studies of populations and communities of calling animals in the wild. With others at the U of I and the INHS I am developing tools to process and interpret very large audio files of animal vocalizations.
Message to students:
I am easily recognized. I have a moustache and I'm pretty short and a bit chubby.
Professional affiliations:
Animal Biology, University of Illinois.
Program in Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology, University of Illinois.
Selected publications:
K. Yasukawa, D.A. Enstrom, P.G. Parker, and T.C. Jones. 2009. Epaulet color and sexual selection in the Red-winged Blackbird: a field experiment. The Condor 111: 740-751.

K. Yasukawa, L.K. Butler and D.A. Enstrom. 2009. Intersexual and intrasexual consequences of epaulet colour in male red-winged blackbirds: an experimental approach. Animal Behaviour. 77:531-540.

Hill, J.A., D.A. Enstrom, E.D. Ketterson, V. Nolan Jr. & C. Ziegnefus. 1999. Mate choice based on static versus dynamic secondary sexual traits in the dark-eyed junco. Behavioral Ecology 10: 91-96.

Enstrom, D.A., E.D. Ketterson, & V. Nolan Jr. 1997. Testosterone and mate choice in the dark-eyed Junco. Animal Behaviour 54: 1135-1146.

Enstrom, D.A. 1992. Delayed plumage maturation in orchard orioles (Icterus spurius): tests of communication hypotheses. Animal Behaviour 45: 463-472.
INHS Publink:,D
Program affiliates:
Animal Biology, University of Illinois.
Program in Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology, University of Illinois.
Professional society involvement and activities:
Animal Behavior Society
American Ornithologists' Union
International Behavioral Ecology Society
Education: Post-Doc, Indiana University, 1992-1994
PhD, Biology, University of Illinois, 1990
BA, History, Knox College, Galesburg, IL, 1973
Lab name: Lab research: Lab publications: Lab current projects:

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